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RE:I the fff still a thing and are Nunez and Blarg still alive

2019-08-22 15:18:26
Could i get a working invite link or am i jsut banned

I the fff still a thing and are Nunez and Blarg still alive

2019-08-21 22:35:47
title says it

RE:Building statistics

2019-08-21 22:30:54
should I update it? it kinda aged didn't it

RE:[FFF] Join the First Future Federation! And play MyColony RPG! - Page 3

2018-01-31 10:23:24
Great work! Get your guild growing!

RE:Galactic Men, need experienced players. (All are welcome!)

2018-01-26 14:09:51
link is expired :(

RE:Why don't you care about your citizens?

2018-01-26 14:06:43
Sub forum section name: Commonwealth area
Embassies: Commonwealth only content
Why not here then?

RE:Colony Tag - Page 2

2018-01-15 14:43:47
it is still online, interesting.

RE:Colony Tag

2018-01-15 14:43:26

RE:[F] [TR] THE REBELLION. | 1.000.000 aluminium and 500.000 alien artifacts reward

2017-12-03 19:26:32

RE:My Colony v0.51.0 Released

2017-12-02 15:41:28
This sounds good! I will start my map again and test it out.what I read makes me thinking on restarting

RE:Anyone know what language MyColony is written in?

2017-11-29 16:44:59
JavaScript I think

RE:In-Game Federations - Page 3

2017-11-26 13:00:54
one thing that should definitely be added: limit of members. Every game has that. there had to be the possibility to choose which one you want to join. If there is no limit, everyone will join the Federation that is the biggest at this point.

RE:In-Game Federations - Page 3

2017-11-24 06:00:11
I asked basteklein

RE:bubble and twitter feed suggestion.

2017-11-23 12:59:22
it would be better to mention the ppl who had the ideas...

RE:In-Game Federations - Page 3

2017-11-23 12:54:39
I have a question, are you allowed to use Discord ingame? like invite links to server?

RE:GBT taking my stuff but not posting trade

2017-11-21 06:40:32
it's intended @Statquo86 @psychohobbit1
v0.49 isn't supported anymore I think

RE:My Colony v0.50.0 Released

2017-11-21 06:05:21
that was the last version I'm going to play. I can't keep my colony running with all these changes. It is in general more difficult to get money. Money is worth more then it was before. but things like taxes/infrastructure repair aren't reduced. I need 200b every day only for infrastructure repair. This update killed the game. congrats

RE:v50 - are you serious?

2017-11-21 04:45:43
I can't continue playing. With 10b money and lowered production is it not possible to run my main. I need 200b Infrastructure repair every hour. how should I do that? not possible.

game file

2017-11-20 21:05:07
anyone wants my game file? I'm giving it away from free. have fun with it.

RE:seriously bastecklein. 99.9999 of my money? everythign? are you kidding?

2017-11-20 20:04:39
lol. was surprised. I got 9 billion left from 9 quintillion. most players have to have 0 money left. why have you done that?


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