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Federations don't have a leader
3y ago
You can place embassies in the region view...


I'm on steam v0.76

EDIT: Wouldn't recommend anyone doing it once you restart the game a few times it doesn't work and you get this menu http://prntscr.com/ltqv8w (no buttons work). You can't destroy it I had to load a backup to remove it.
3y ago
Nice, maybe it could produce wool also? That's really annoying to get.
3y ago
When the statistics menu is open deactivated buildings will appear as activated

Building houses increases your maximum population when there isn't enough power

In the research menu in the description of Faster than light travel, the word 'starship' should be 'starships'.

I'm on v0.76 steam (not sure if it matters but I saw these glitches on a region map)

EDIT: When the statistics menu is open buildings that haven't been constructed will appear fully constructed.
3y ago
I made a website which allows you to compare your colony against the average statistics of all active colonies, just thought I'd share it. https://glitchedexploit.github.io/cc/index.html
3y ago
Ask in the NOZ discord, CW chat, or reply to this thread if you need resources!
3y ago

Join the ExploitedPixel commonwealth! 101% payroll and will send you gifts if you need it!
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3y ago


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