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nunez499 said:True but I do feel we all should behave on the internet like we do in real life. Civil.

Yes just taking time for reflexion before talking...
6y ago
There's a human tourist easy
6y ago
Hi Antiquitas players,

for the ones who knows about the MyColony Reference Site, i adapted it for Antiquitas.
It will for sure be outdated very soon as Bast is adding content daily, but i will also update it soon after...

ps: version is already 0.4.1, cause i will keep same version numbers for the 2 ref sites...
ps: Thanks to Núñez for the introductions he wrote for the 2 ref sites....

** Link was updated by @bastecklein **
6y ago
First Post updated with link for new version 0.48
6y ago
oops, guess i know why this comes up...right Bast...
thing is you should have renamed the terrain feature object to "Synthetic Crystalline" and not the building object to "Synthetic Crystalline Deposit". It would keep the naming method as for the mines for example. Plus the Synthetic Crystalline isn't a deposit, there is already the "Crystalline Deposit" which is distributed on the ice world map...
6y ago
Hi all...
the reference page that some of you already knows has been updated.

Update 0.4.1 (201711113)
-Responsive design for mobiles.
-New top menu instead of side one for large widths.
-Items names on tables are clickable now to open descriptions.
-Tech trees are zoomable now.

Update 0.4.0 (20171031)
-sort the lists of links in alphabetical order.
-new table for storages
-reordered the resources in tables in same order than in game.
-add can import / export informations for buildings
-new lists collected in/imported by/exported by for resources
-retractable sidemenu to allow bigger table/item description area
-sidebar menu hightlights the current page
-added informations about IQ requests/ IQ provide and educate
-new homepage with a little presentation...thanks to Núñez for that text...

Update 0.3.9 (20171020)
-new values per minutes added.
-added ratios beside the link lists "Produced by" and "Consumed by" for resources.
-added storage amounts beside the link list "Stored by" for resources.
-New table with production and consumption values per tick.
-New table with production and consumption values per minute.

Update 0.3.8 (20171017)
-Mainly bug fixes...

Update 0.3.7 (20171016)
-reordered almost all code in seperate modules, to easily implement new features later.
-added in-game description strings.
-added for maps: which civ can play this map & what deposits are present.
-added for races: which civs are available for this race.
-added informations for special buildings (consulate/capitol/embassy/trade depot/comms hub/healing).
-reorganized the different links in item description.

Update 0.3.6 (20171013)
-Modified the calling of game.js thru a new "Easy to update" file. (for Bast Only)
-added provided resource on deposit characteristics.
-fixed the scaling of item icons
-fixed indentifying items function on links
-added planet types (infos: difficulty /starting techs / starting buildings)
-added races (infos: starting techs / narcotics)
-added factions (infos: race / starting colonists / available maps / starting techs / starting building / starting vehicles)

Update 0.3.5 (20171010)
-Fixed a display bug on "Produced by" links for resources.(ex: Antanium)
-Fixed a display bug on "Consumed by" links for resources.(ex: Antanium)
-Fixed glitch when smeltObj exist without Output (appeared in 0.46 with atmosphere scrubber)
-Use now the tiles objects in the game.js to find the good icon for all buildings. (ex: Flower Gardens)
-Added "Deposit" Type with capacity and Spread Rate informations.

Update 0.3.4 (20171006)
-Home is now showing a new "General Table" with all game items.
-Old table kept as "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Added missing resources on the "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Fixed a bug that was preventing Aluminum Cost to be displayed on the "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Added resources in the "General Table".
-Added resource description details (infos: limited storage or not / Base Price / Toxic Rate).
-Added Unskilled occupation information on "Item descriptions".
-Modified enumeration of smelt inputs in case of several items (see Advanced Synthetic Oil Lab)
-Modified enumeration of smelt outputs in case of several items (see Black Bazaar Market)
-Modified enumeration of Utilities to operate in case of several items (see: Alien Enrichment Facility)
-List of buildings that stores the resource on the resource Description.
-List of the vehicles that harvests the resource on the resource Description.
-Links everywhere in all "Items Descriptions" for resources (smelt/store/refine/generate/harvest areas)
-New pages with Tech Trees (clickable pictures that point to the technologies descriptions).
-Fixed a Bug that was preventing to open the " Green House" Description.
-Divided the Vehicle Type into 2 new ones: "Human Vehicle" & "Zolarg Worker".

Please give your feedback and/or ideas for the next updates.

6y ago
Yeah, for sure we need an APE (Apps) civilization...
6y ago
Updated First Post.
2 different orientations...
6y ago
Updated first post.
New sheet version 0.45 for latest game update.
6y ago
banginis said:hm, is it me or no new buildings can store trash?

Trash storage is not limited, as it will impact health, it should not be limited, it's on you to reduce it the most you can, not collect it.
Only the small trash pit and the landfill will take some trash that will not impact the colonists sickness (i guess...).
6y ago
misteddawn said:You use MS Excel for the spreadsheet then? I usually use google docs due to not really needing to download/install a full blown office program. I have installed OpenOffice (I'm cheap, sue me) so I will try that and see if some of those other functions you mentioned work - google docs only has the tech trees and none of the other features you mention in your first post. I'll post back if OpenOffice supports those for you and others information.

Edit: OpenOffice actually shows those functions you mention but they don't work :(. Not sure if they are dependent on something so I can figure an equivalent in OpenOffice so they work.

Side question - did you figure out the waste management stuff as I don't see the resource page updated yet?

Sorry i should have told you that i tried my sheet on open office and noticed the macros and forms (buttons) are not working well...
About trash, yes i added trash in ressources tendances. The reference page has not been updated yet but i added it in my sheet as i understood the definitions inside the "game.js" file. For your information only houses except sheet farm are generating trashes.
What about the "HIDE Results" button ? Did it fullfilled your need?
6y ago
Updated first post with the sheet for game version 0.44...
6y ago
BestColony11 said:I don't like that you make it a downlodable file. you should click "Share Link" and put that there. I never like downloading things from internet.

If I do that, it will automatically open online with Google Sheets, and it is not compatible with my sheet....
I made it downloadable specially because of that reason...
6y ago
banginis said: I think it also would be useful for result part to have 'Use 1000 separators enabled' :)

Yes i planned to do that for the next 0.44 update, the file is ready, just need the ref page to be updated as i need some confirmations about the trashes generation ratios.
6y ago
misteddawn said:Hey couple of suggestions:
1) could you separate the results and building listing into separate tabs? The results section is now taking up so much space that on my small monitor (yes only a 14") I have to actually go full screen for the excel sheet just to see the section to scroll thru the buildings and its only about 6 lines that I can see. I know its quite a bit of work because of having to change all the formulas from just cell to page/cell references but it would look a lot better and give you more room for a better looking results tab if you wanted.

2) Also, could you post a share link instead of a download link? This is mostly because not everyone has a program to open spreadsheets installed and it makes it easier if they just want it on the google drive anyway as they can either download or save a copy for themselves if they want to.

Sorry just saw you message,
1) It's not really a big deal changing that, but on my side i like having both entries and results on the same page. I can add a button that will hide the result section. Is that alternative can make it for you?

2)Unfortunately Google docs is not compatible with my document formulas and macros. And the main reason i don't want to make it sharable is any wrong edition can break the results without even knowing it. Calculation would be wrong for the next user...
6y ago
This is only an internal (Ape Apps) ad. I don't feel it visually polluting as it appears only on the main menu....
With Premium license we don't have any ads bar while playing wich can be annoying, so i think purchasing Premium worth it.... specially for the low price it cost for a game fullfilled like this.
6y ago
I'd like to see the built amount of each structure like you've done for pavements 2 updates ago, but I think it is already planned...
I would love to build everything in a row from point A to point B as it is already possible with large Helium storages and some other buildings, but maybe this is not UI related. ("canChain" variable in your game.js)
I suggest also giving back some information about retired people amount and retirement requests.
Last thing I'd like is the possibility to define a group of buildings for the left side list. In that way you'll be able to show only the ones you need whatever association you'll imagine.
6y ago
The issue looks to be solved for me on Native Client (windows 8.1) with last version 0.43.2...
Might take some minutes to initiate the process ....
6y ago
Looks just fine now...thanks for the patch!
6y ago
Same with Windows 8.1...
The same saves are ok with android version.
6y ago


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