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My Colony Reference 0.4.1

Hi all...
the reference page that some of you already knows has been updated.

Update 0.4.1 (201711113)
-Responsive design for mobiles.
-New top menu instead of side one for large widths.
-Items names on tables are clickable now to open descriptions.
-Tech trees are zoomable now.

Update 0.4.0 (20171031)
-sort the lists of links in alphabetical order.
-new table for storages
-reordered the resources in tables in same order than in game.
-add can import / export informations for buildings
-new lists collected in/imported by/exported by for resources
-retractable sidemenu to allow bigger table/item description area
-sidebar menu hightlights the current page
-added informations about IQ requests/ IQ provide and educate
-new homepage with a little presentation...thanks to Núñez for that text...

Update 0.3.9 (20171020)
-new values per minutes added.
-added ratios beside the link lists "Produced by" and "Consumed by" for resources.
-added storage amounts beside the link list "Stored by" for resources.
-New table with production and consumption values per tick.
-New table with production and consumption values per minute.

Update 0.3.8 (20171017)
-Mainly bug fixes...

Update 0.3.7 (20171016)
-reordered almost all code in seperate modules, to easily implement new features later.
-added in-game description strings.
-added for maps: which civ can play this map & what deposits are present.
-added for races: which civs are available for this race.
-added informations for special buildings (consulate/capitol/embassy/trade depot/comms hub/healing).
-reorganized the different links in item description.

Update 0.3.6 (20171013)
-Modified the calling of game.js thru a new "Easy to update" file. (for Bast Only)
-added provided resource on deposit characteristics.
-fixed the scaling of item icons
-fixed indentifying items function on links
-added planet types (infos: difficulty /starting techs / starting buildings)
-added races (infos: starting techs / narcotics)
-added factions (infos: race / starting colonists / available maps / starting techs / starting building / starting vehicles)

Update 0.3.5 (20171010)
-Fixed a display bug on "Produced by" links for resources.(ex: Antanium)
-Fixed a display bug on "Consumed by" links for resources.(ex: Antanium)
-Fixed glitch when smeltObj exist without Output (appeared in 0.46 with atmosphere scrubber)
-Use now the tiles objects in the game.js to find the good icon for all buildings. (ex: Flower Gardens)
-Added "Deposit" Type with capacity and Spread Rate informations.

Update 0.3.4 (20171006)
-Home is now showing a new "General Table" with all game items.
-Old table kept as "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Added missing resources on the "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Fixed a bug that was preventing Aluminum Cost to be displayed on the "Cost to Build / Unlock Table".
-Added resources in the "General Table".
-Added resource description details (infos: limited storage or not / Base Price / Toxic Rate).
-Added Unskilled occupation information on "Item descriptions".
-Modified enumeration of smelt inputs in case of several items (see Advanced Synthetic Oil Lab)
-Modified enumeration of smelt outputs in case of several items (see Black Bazaar Market)
-Modified enumeration of Utilities to operate in case of several items (see: Alien Enrichment Facility)
-List of buildings that stores the resource on the resource Description.
-List of the vehicles that harvests the resource on the resource Description.
-Links everywhere in all "Items Descriptions" for resources (smelt/store/refine/generate/harvest areas)
-New pages with Tech Trees (clickable pictures that point to the technologies descriptions).
-Fixed a Bug that was preventing to open the " Green House" Description.
-Divided the Vehicle Type into 2 new ones: "Human Vehicle" & "Zolarg Worker".

Please give your feedback and/or ideas for the next updates.

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Hey, its looking good. I really like the fact that the table scrolls down now, and the resource type.
It will take a bit of getting use to but huge improvement .
Indeed a big improvement
Feel free to reply or talk to me.
Hello! That reference is really useful. Few comments/questions:

1. The ratios table entries for buildings that have "or" production are a bit off - e.g. if Black Market Bazzar produces 0.85 Food or 0.85 Water or ... and so on, then the expected ratio per minute per each item is much lower. The ratio table says "0.85 0.85 0.85 ..." as if the building produced all of them, but in fact it's 0.85/number of options (28 in this case)... So the actual ratio is more like 0.03 per resource.

2. Are there any plans to add columns for new storage limits to the reference? E.g. clay.

3. What do you use as your data source? For example, I've found this: but I'm not sure if it's correct.
@mb in reply to your questions:
1) the ratios are assumed using a specific time frame for each 'tick' that is used in the game. There is also a modifier that involves how many active workers in each building. If only half are working then only half as much is being produced. The numbers stated are for full production.

3) That is the main data source for the game and the reference. Most numbers used are actually from that file with some adjustments as mentioned previously for easier reading as 'ticks' is not really understandable as it doesn't reference a standard measurement of time.
no offense, but the loading screen with the giant loading text is kinda freaky. i suggest making the loading bar smaller and centered on the screen and it says 'MyColony' not 'My Colony" which is weird. the text is also justified and you shold make it aligned to center, left, or right (criticism from me.) you do not have to do these things; its just that i would enjoy it more if you had these things done. even though i already like it!
I love to give feedback and suggest new things!

First of all, thanks for the Reference guide, it's a lifesaver when playing this game.

Just a small feedback:
- on the Human Tech tree page, the link for the Forest World Base sends to instead of
- could you add some informations to the row titles? Just to add some meaning to "Stage x".
My Colony

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