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Insectoids get a lot of buildings after independence so you definitely need to get it. The problem lays in the fact you need antatura to be able to build them which is unavailable if you not independent.
About better way to make civics now. Money pits produce civics as well. They are a better choice to accumulate it fast because of higher production rate.
5y ago
Nice fixes indeed, those blinking tiles were really pissing. Btw is there any chance insectoids will get some improvements soon? Like some building which would increase trade/gift cap
5y ago
Most likely you have not enough atmosphere level to unlock related researches
5y ago
My Colony v .76, Linux native client.
After I loaded a colony which has a higher gift cap than one in my region and then quit it, I loaded my other colony which is in region and decied to check how's my commonwealth doing and perhaps send some gifts. I opened following section in statistic, clicked on a colony, then on gift icon and chose a resource. However after I did so I noticed my gift cap is above possible maximum. Since it's a zolarg colony gift cap is 1 million however i saw this:

And that's not just a number, that's the real capacity cause one person helped me to check this.
Okay, long story short:
1). Open a colony with high trade capacity;
2). Quit to tittle screen;
3). Load a region map with lower capacity;
4). Open statistic, choose diplomacy/commonwealth tab and try to send some resources as a gift;
5). Here it is!
5y ago


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