My Colony v .76, Linux native client.
After I loaded a colony which has a higher gift cap than one in my region and then quit it, I loaded my other colony which is in region and decied to check how's my commonwealth doing and perhaps send some gifts. I opened following section in statistic, clicked on a colony, then on gift icon and chose a resource. However after I did so I noticed my gift cap is above possible maximum. Since it's a zolarg colony gift cap is 1 million however i saw this:

And that's not just a number, that's the real capacity cause one person helped me to check this.
Okay, long story short:
1). Open a colony with high trade capacity;
2). Quit to tittle screen;
3). Load a region map with lower capacity;
4). Open statistic, choose diplomacy/commonwealth tab and try to send some resources as a gift;
5). Here it is!