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RE:Pop drop

2019-12-29 09:37:36
Since the update...

RE:Permission to make a Minecraft version

2019-12-29 01:18:35
That's what I figuered... would be fun to try and remake... I already have a good idea how...

Pop drop

2019-12-29 01:14:35
No matter what I do or how I have it set up, my population rises and falls then rises and falls. Not sure what's going on, or why it's doing this, but it does this on all my worlds since the new 1.0.0 update... not even worth playing until this gets fixed...

Permission to make a Minecraft version

2019-12-17 19:17:00
Hi, I was just wondering if I could use this as an inspiration to redo something similar in Minecraft. I will add a download link to the actual game on PC, just thought it would be a cool thing to work on next after my current Pixelmon Water Blue map... Please let me know if it's ok to do and if others think this is a great idea to do so.

More entertainment

2019-02-24 07:35:14
Just a thought, why not build a movie theater, which consumes a new resource, Movies. Movies can be created by new colonists Actors in a building called Colony Studios (like Hollywood/Universal Studios).

Bus depot

2019-02-24 07:28:43
Just a thought for a building, which produces buses and bus routes (depending on the road types). Can be used by colonists, to reduce fatigue, and and tourists to be able to get around your planet better. Could be rendered off, like colonists and tourists.


2019-02-24 07:24:29
There should be added storage buildings for Paintings and Spaceships, besides their production buildings. I've unlocked all tech for LES and have got several different types of storage buildings going. The only place where paintings are stored is in Lofts, which stores only 240 of them and gets produced by its residents.
Spaceships do have 2 buildings for storage, the Spaceship builder, which stores only 6, and the SpacePort, which stores 200. I would like to see an increased storage areas for them, as well as a use for paintings. I currently see no use for paintings. Maybe an art gallery or a larger museum, that not only uses pottery, but also paintings... Maybe other resources as well.

RE:Other ideas to waste research

2019-02-24 07:05:03
I like the trait thing, however it should either be used as 1 resource at a time, or increased research/resources per each additional trait being used... Maybe even like a time limit on the traits, like 24 hours...


2019-02-02 07:38:01
Since the new update, getting ready to build something, can't click on the hamburger button (next to yhd drop down button, which allows the player to see what it costs to build a building). Also, clicking on a vehicles building button, has no effect. It won't open up at all yo show what that vehicle can build.

RE:LIS Soviet Union Empire: TPEqv3xR

2018-10-31 22:43:12
Yes. Still active... just havent had much play time do to mounds of overtime at work...

RE:Power Storage

2018-05-10 15:07:16
Sure. I just originally meant a building which stores power, so that when you over build and power is low, instead of having all buildings not operate until power is back up, this will be like a buffer...

LIS Soviet Union Empire: TPEqv3xR

2018-04-28 04:32:15
If you are looking to form a colony, look no farther! In the LIS commonwealth of Soviet Union Empire, recources and assistance will be provided to you to help you advance your colony! We are a large-scale industrialized colony, which mass produces many types of recources, which we can gift to our sub-colonies to help them along!

Again: Here is the Charter code:

Thank you, and I hope to work with you soon!

Solar Power

2018-04-28 01:01:37
Solar power only works during the daytime. Just makes sense that way. Also puts my previous post about power storage into good use to run while the panels arent receiving light. Just makes the game a bit more real and a bit more challenging...

RE:Sugarcane growth

2018-04-28 00:46:12
What i do, when i start on a sugar cane planet is (while gathering starter resources) delete most if not all the sugar cane, to prevent this from happening. A bit tedious, but it helps later on.

Illegal Immigrants

2018-04-28 00:43:29
Got too many illegals and want to put them to food use? Why not put them to work into the sweat shops instead of your loyal colonists? Low pay, but its better than a bunch of homeless immigrants just using up resources and not helping at all... Maybe a way for them to work to become citizens, introducing new types of tech and technology???

Power Storage

2018-04-28 00:33:55
Got excess power? Want to store it for dire times when power is low? Why not put it into a power storage, which can be used when power is low. Also puts into use power plants that have employees and still generate the same amount of power, no matter how many employees are working.

RE:LIS paintings storage

2018-04-19 01:39:54
So, storage for paintings will be added? At least for LIS, since they can attain them. Also, will it be something that can be used for construction or anything?

LIS paintings storage

2018-04-18 03:36:39
Since the LIS can obtain paintings from the Black Market, shouldn't they be able to store them and use them somehow?

LIS can get paintings but not store them

2018-04-17 01:23:33
If the LIS Black Market building can produce paintings, why is the only way to store paintings is with the Galactic Fine Arts Exposition building, which is only a Reptilian building. Shouldn't LIS also have some sort of storage building for the paintings as well, since they can be "acquired" by the LIS Black Market?

Chat message alert

2018-04-17 01:10:25
Would be cool if the little chat bubble on the bottom of the screen, where you and members of your charter can chat to each other, had a counter on it, for each unread by you message. Kind of like messenger, if you have an unread message, a counter appairs, and grows, until you read the messages.

So, for example, I'm offline, and my memebers of my LIS charter: Soviet Union Empire, where chatting... when i get online, the chat bubble will have a number on it, depending on how many messages are on there since the last time that I've clicked on the chat bubble. Also a good way to see if others in your charter are trying to chat with you...


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