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Illegal Immigrants

Got too many illegals and want to put them to food use? Why not put them to work into the sweat shops instead of your loyal colonists? Low pay, but its better than a bunch of homeless immigrants just using up resources and not helping at all... Maybe a way for them to work to become citizens, introducing new types of tech and technology???
Glory to the:
Soviet Union Empire
LES kingdom, with 10000% payroll assistance.
May I ask, how do I get illegal immigrants? Since I have 15k colonists and I have 0 illegal one's.

But yea, punish them. They have asked for it
I say we build a wall and make the other side pay for it.
I am speechless.
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I play the same game.
Dylan Carter
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Me too i play to this game but for the idea we could have multiple option which can be add to the game
-exterminate them cost money and some of your coloniste die but coloniste will protest because you like a dictatorial

-kick them out of your colonie
Cost money but less than the first
And some people protest

-put them in center where they could live temporary cost a bit of money,some coloniste who live near to a center can die,some Illegal Immigrants become coloniste but some agressive people protestants

-you try to help them so they become coloniste and work people are happy because you help them so less people protest but is expansive
Forcedminer said:all of the above.
not every colony has to be peachy and perfect right?
some will have hardships, crime, war, famine,sickness, poverty.

I like the value of choice in these cases.
there was an game i played called seedship. you'd control a ship full of 1000 humans, cultural and scientific databases other parts, you'd be tasked with finding them a good planet to settle down on based on your actions and planet choice you'd get various endings.
bad planets with no oxygen,low water supplies, high or low gravities usually make humans hateful and they all turn the planet into a constant warzone fighting for what little water exists.
if you find an awesome earthlike planet rich with metals,oxygen,food,alien ruins and the like they all become spiritually healthy happy beings.

simply put i enjoy the way thing situations breeds different types of humans and reactions. ability to deport illegals or eduatate them and allow them in or force them into labor sounds like interesting choices.
Also i always build a wall around my entire colony. ^^
just a habit thing. i like to imagine there could be dangerous beasts outside the perimeter and by putting up a wall we can keep them out.

miner, it was a trump reference, was joking. the fact that you took me seriously is hilarious, haha.
Well, I think that we should have the option to do all of the above. But I think that this should wait until bast develops crime and police. Once he does that, the police station could have a law enforcement menu that includes the ability to deport illegal immigrants. Once the option to deport is enabled, the station will deport a certain number for each round.

You could also build a refugee center, which would provide education for illegal immigrants and would turn them into colonists little by little, like 1 per round or something like that. Once they are colonists, they have every right to seek further education or find a job. Also, I feel that Immigrants shouldn't necessarily be unintelligent, because even smart people could be forced to flee a tyrannical commonwealth and take refuge in another. The refugee center would just make sure that illegal immigrants have a elementary school level of education.

In addition, later on in the game, you may have tons of illegals in your colony, so another building, the naturalization center, would ensure high school education for all illegals in range and would be at least 20 times more efficient at granting citizenship to illegals.

I would also make illegals capable of working in blue collar or unskilled labor. Their happiness wouldn't be counted into the colony happiness, so they would always wok at full pace, yet they would still consume some of your food and water. An additional option would be just to leave the system as it is and let the illegals do all of the dirty work.
I think there should be police and a police station tasked with catching illegal immigrants and then there should be torture booths XD :) It would be entertainment for your loyal colonists! Also, you can extort money out of the illegal immigrants while torturing him! Like the draconian. Also the option to deport, fine, make citizen, kill, imprison and GED opportunity lol
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