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He means desert, not dessert as in sweets. Most people misspell things.
5y ago
@Amorphus The new map for United Earth does not have a base road.

The Fisher shack is producing electricity currently, so I don't think that is right.

I agree with the salt, decorations, and botanists.

As in water wall, I mean a wall that can be built in water.

For sedimentary rock, a few resources are in a small clump where you can mine them. I will elaborate later.

5y ago
This recent update is probably my favorite update, but there are a few things that bug me.

1. Make some kind of road available to build intially. Maybe pavement and/or wood path, or maybe make the sand path free and create a driftwood path for premium.

2. Is the fisherbot shack supposed to produce electricity?

3. Add salt as a resource. Salt could be a rare resource that could be a component in food production and energy production.

4. Have more beach-themed items. Have bungalow shacks, decorative Mangroves, driftwood, etc.

5. Have a fisherman job.

6. Have water-walls

7. Continue improving the rover jumping, colonist water walking, and layering issues normally and in screenshots.

8. Have a sedimentary rock resource where regolith, ore, obsidian, and gold are in a small clump.

9. Have the small resource drop off carry wood.

10. That's all for now. Thanks @bastecklein
5y ago
@AC682 No you do not, but Discord is free and really helps.
5y ago
Well... You know... Outside that... That's just basic info... This is special...
5y ago
@cry8wolf9 your thread now
5y ago
I love the concept of this game, but it feels too much like a mod for My Colony which it basically is. I have deleted this game so many times over My Colony whenever I need to make room on my phone. @jova you do a great job on the graphics, but that is all the game has going for it except for the music. @bastecklein what I suggest is that you twist it up a bit. Stray from it being a total idle game. It is set in antiquity, so maybe add a random raid that you have to fend off. Maybe add an interactive world map where you can sail and conquer. Or add some mini-games. I don't know. All I am saying is that the game has a great base, just needs something to set it apart.
5y ago
@bastecklein could salt become a resource?
5y ago
Well I am back with more ideas! And this one has been seen before on the old forums, but let us see it again.
The Agots
A race of ape-like people from the planet of Augoot. Typically live in band societies and have low government structure, their curiosity and scienctific advancement are unheard of. They are also expert metallurgists.

Technology- Low at first, but gains fast

Government- Practically non-existent; run by scientists

Maps- Abandoned World, Water World, Habitable Moon, Desert World, Ice Planet, Earth-Like, Jungle

Habitable Moon- Medium; A moon of Augoot with an atmosphere. Tan surface with many trees, plants, animals. Introduces Bananas, Plants (food), animals (food), and several different types of trees. Regolith and gold are plentiful.

Jungle- Medium; A sugarcane, tree, banana, and plant rich land. Obsidian deposits for the map, with the occasional lava flow. Water is plentiful, as are animal herds. Regolith is abundant.

Gameplay- Will almost be like Antiquitas in style, as many buildings could be adapted from there.

Much more to come. Tell me what you think.
5y ago
Nice! Keep going! I hope to see more soon!
5y ago
This is probably the first official guide from Bast.
5y ago
@cry8wolf9 oof. I think it finally got deleted. Time for a new era of colonies! Thanks
5y ago
Congrats Congrats
Just make sure to update your signature to include your title and FAQs, like Patch Daddy. I hope you fair well.
Don't worry, I will mess with you now 😋
5y ago
I am so glad that GDP finally has a true meaning in My Colony. It is so nice to see the game evolving into something more than just an idle collector, to something that has some real life meaning. I do hope that the year calculation will turn into a full fledged in-game calendar.
On that note, keep going!
5y ago
Idea: Official Discord for all of App Apps
5y ago
I do agree that somethings have gone downhill, but so has My Colony a bit (it's coming back). I enjoy NOZ, and it is doing great and so is the FFF, on some levels. However, both have some downfalls too. All I have to say that even I was once independent, I barely regret joining NOZ. But hey, as Nunez put it, everything is perspective.
5y ago
And it makes it too easy. It is all about resource management and that includes buildings.
5y ago


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