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A New Civilization

Well I am back with more ideas! And this one has been seen before on the old forums, but let us see it again.
The Agots
A race of ape-like people from the planet of Augoot. Typically live in band societies and have low government structure, their curiosity and scienctific advancement are unheard of. They are also expert metallurgists.

Technology- Low at first, but gains fast

Government- Practically non-existent; run by scientists

Maps- Abandoned World, Water World, Habitable Moon, Desert World, Ice Planet, Earth-Like, Jungle

Habitable Moon- Medium; A moon of Augoot with an atmosphere. Tan surface with many trees, plants, animals. Introduces Bananas, Plants (food), animals (food), and several different types of trees. Regolith and gold are plentiful.

Jungle- Medium; A sugarcane, tree, banana, and plant rich land. Obsidian deposits for the map, with the occasional lava flow. Water is plentiful, as are animal herds. Regolith is abundant.

Gameplay- Will almost be like Antiquitas in style, as many buildings could be adapted from there.

Much more to come. Tell me what you think.
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