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The exact definition is :

Credits to DGUE
18d ago

Here is the Coloniae endpoint for stats collection :

Put this url inside the Statistics window of your world :

and you will soon get listed on Coloniae ! See the Worlds Index here with all worlds using the service.

Note that it only works for server owners. If you play on someone else's server, ask them to add the endpoint. If you are playing on your own save, this means you have an "embedded server" so you can add it yourself.

As of 6 May 2022 this is still in the very early stages !
18d ago
Here is a sample code in Python/Flask, and how to avoid CORS problems :

@api_blueprint.route('/mc2report', methods=['POST', 'OPTIONS'])
def mc2report():
if request.method == 'OPTIONS':
resp = make_response('this is the response to OPTIONS call.')
resp.headers['Access-Control-Allow-Origin'] = '*'
resp.headers["Access-Control-Allow-Headers"] = "Content-Type, Access-Control-Allow-Headers, Authorization, X-Requested-With"
return resp
event = request.json['event']
sid = request.json['sid']
ses = request.json['ses']
cli = request.json['cli']
gid = request.json['gid']
aun = request.json['aun']
except KeyError:
data = request.json['data']
except KeyError:
data = {}
# do what you want
resp = make_response(jsonify({'success': True}))
resp.headers['Access-Control-Allow-Origin'] = '*'
return resp

Maybe @bastecklein you can link your post for php as well as this post in the first post above for reference
19d ago
I see. @bastecklein , do you confirm that the IDs (session id, server id, game id, and all game object IDs) will always be 36 chars in length ? it looks like 16 bytes in hex representation (=>32 chars) + 4 "-", but will this remain the same ?

edit : just to know if I can put char(36) in my db, or maybe there is a better way, how did you define it yourself ?
20d ago
Good idea and nice way to do it. I don't really think the size of the app would matter, or perhaps you could not include the .vpp models in the .apk, and instead require a download of all these files on first startup.

As for the slight delay after construction, just load the model when the construction starts, not when it ends, and if it's too quick to build then account for the model loading in the building time... Like have a lower limit on the time it takes to build a building, limit which is actually the average model loading time with margin. Or maybe extract a silhouette from the .vpp model to include in the building data, silhouette which would be way lighter.
22d ago
Ooh ok I understand. This makes sense of course.
I have a question, I don't quite get what the "Server ID" section of the menu is for if it's sent in the stat report anyway...
23d ago
Hey Bast, all of this sounds nice. I'll play around with it a bit more in the coming week.

To continue the discussion we had here, I would suggest that when creating a server, you can define a "default" or even "mandatory" endpoint for players joining the world.

For example I can create my Node.js sandalone server, and I want to monitor the activity of the players on my server. I define a default endpoint which leads to my server for example, and then all players entering my world will have this endpoint in their stats window by default. The endpoint can either be optional or mandatory to keep.

Look at this beautiful art :

(o-) is supposed to be a toggle switch

As for personal worlds (not sandalone but with other players able to connect), maybe the endpoints of the creator of the server can be put in the "default server" endpoints section but as an opt-in option
23d ago
Awesome features coming up !!
if you are wanting to build a large and inclusive Universe, you can post the information publicly on the forum or elsewhere coming sooooon
25d ago
Ok, I deleted the entry for HWPx9Xrt on Coloniae but also @bastecklein , DGUE will need to get a proper location and get listed on the sectors API. That's what prevents it from being listed. Also there might be other colonies in the same situation.
1mo ago
bastecklein said: I am guessing that charter was used by a prior colony which was deleted for inactivity, but is still listed in the coloniae database.
that's right.

I talked with DGUE and the best option is probably to delete the record in the Coloniae DB, bc with the other way he will loose his ADU data (or rather, it won't be tied to the new charter). Also, the guy we are (I am) deleting only played for 1 day so it's not a big deal.

I want to ask though how is it possible in the first place that a charter was re-assigned ? Did we reach the 1 of 218 thousand billion chance of a collision ? or is there a obscure way for the client to get the charter it wants ?
1mo ago
To be exact , Coloniae sync is called ADU in Coloniae and it works : (although the name is wrong, it's the name of the other colony because it's fetched from but account is correct)
Being listed on Coloniae has nothing to do with this parameter that you activate in game, it happens if you are listed on the sectors api : which is not the case for HWPx9Xrt.
In fact if you look at , it is listed as location 0,0 sector 0,0 which is a bug. This is not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that the charter was used before by someone else
1mo ago
It is possible to go online from an offline game, by going into the statistics I believe
1mo ago
will enable the creation of a separate dedicated server application, which will allow 24/7 cloud based My Colony 2 servers in the (hopefully not too distant) future.

Nice !! Also I like the auto saving saves to cloud
1mo ago
Hi @bastecklein , could you please make it so that it returns if yes or no this player exists. Even returning [] is fine as long as it returns "invalid user" if the user doesnt exists (current behaviour is to return [] even if user doesn't exist)
1mo ago
Mmh, we should have a bug reports section
4mo ago
These are all good ideas, just adding on the resource drain from building occupation : there could be military units specialized in pillaging, like a military transport rover of some sort. Once an enemy storage facility is occupied, these units would start going back and forth transporting enemy resources to a friendly storage. That way it will take some time to drain the other player's resources.

Also on the aftermath : what do you physically gain from the war ? Apart from domination over the other player ? Buildings ? Settlement ?

There should also be a smurfing prevention (if I use the term right) : if you declare war upon a very weaker enemy, your approval drops super fast and you won't have benefits declaring war.
4mo ago
It's crazy ! Congrats on this fan art @GeneralWadaling
This gives me an idea for ... ;)
5mo ago
We don't have the ''new version'' popup (with brief patch notes ) anymore, do we ? In which case the popup could say that the way logistic stations work has changed.
Otherwise just change the description of the logistics station to include that 2 LS have to be linked by road.

Another point is the resources for construction. 2 solutions :
- the resources are taken from the nearest settlement (that actually has the needed material)
- the resources are taken from the settlement the rover was created in (rover always linked to its settlement of origin )
9mo ago
Well summed up, cakedon !

Just to add on my personal experience : I have a main settlement, without aluminium in a 400 tile radius (Logistics' station radius) because I created it in an earlier version.
I found aluminium but this ''aluminium settlement'' is more than 400 tiles away, which makes it not connected to my main settlement.
I basically have to start all over (except research) in that settlement, and my main settlement will never have alu.
I even tried putting outposts with a logistics station in them, so that the main connects to the outpost which connects to the alu settlement, but since we can't move resources it didn't work (didn't ''extend'' main settlement's range).

Also, it will be more realistic to have this road system ! I believe a train system was once proposed by Vince during the planning last year.
9mo ago


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