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RE:[NEW : My Colony 2 Update] Coloniae Official Thread - Page 4

2021-01-06 13:56:07
The yearly large update is here!

Full article here:

RE:Online Reference button opens a page I can't load

2021-01-02 13:03:51
@bastecklein easy fix !

RE:Online Reference button opens a page I can't load

2020-12-25 18:43:48
Hum I haven't thought of this before but have you tried to clear the cache?

RE:.vpp Loader for three.js

2020-12-24 10:13:04
Nice, thanks!
I don't have access to a computer rn but would it be possible to provide the contents of the .vpp file rather than an url? That would be helpful. Like when an user selects a file from the filesystem (no upload- no url)

RE:Settlements, Transit, Governments, Resources, and Economics etc

2020-12-23 12:11:35
It's quite hard to follow everything that's going on from an exterior point of view, and this thread is quite long, but I don't want to miss a piece of the development :P

In the principle it's good, implementing logistics and making it more micromanagement will make it closer to a colony style. It will also make the game ''slower'' in terms of progression which is what we wanted.

Can we clarify the lore and context of the game a bit though? Because a lot of how the colonies will work depend of that. I assume companies are landing in search for profit? Materials that can't be found on earth anymore, or simply people looking for a pretext to find a new wild west? Are the settlements under a govt? Or do you want to determine how the colony works and build the lore from that?
This would especially help determine if the settlement should be a dictatorship or if any player within the settlement can propose changes and then everyone votes. Both systems work.

Does anyone know the game OpenTTD? This logistics mechanisms make MC2 lean towards that. I would say keep the engine figure out truck/train movement, otherwise it's too much micromanagement I feel.

Also beware of going too capitalist, as I'm afraid young players could not compete... Or would be funded millions or offered rovers or resources at very low price.

I would like to have a fixed lore before making more assumptions. Maybe I just didn't see it, if so can someone give me the link :) ?

Edit: the more people there are playing, the more this logistics system makes sense indeed. Trade routes between servers would be nice, but how to make sure server A won't cheat and get very low prices?


2020-12-22 18:31:44
For reference see also this reply from Vince (under "Functional attributues")

RE:Resources as Utilities? - Page 2

2020-12-21 22:38:09
You can have both systems. I order to use less bandwidth, you can only broadcast the info ''producing $10'' in the chair example instead of ''producing wood, consuming it to produce chair, now selling it in the store etc.''

I do think though that we need storage, just because it's more realistic. And at the early stages of the colony, money isn't everything, if you don't have the materials you're not going to build anything even if you are a billionaire.
Like Ansom said rovers would have to be able to transport the resources (at least visually) so I think one storage pool per settlement is enough (if going with the zoning idea maybe one per zone) and don't bother with multiple players getting to share what, I think that if a player allows someone else to enter (play on) their settlement, it's because they are friends and they trust them so they can communicate and not ruin each other's game.

RE:Indoor connection revisited

2020-12-21 22:17:41
I like the idea as well. It woul definitely help for the colony-building feel as opposed to the city building feel.

I see as localized utility (each network has one).

If it affects game performance too much, maybe maintain smaller networks, like make one network not able to support more than x amount of buildings.
Also see how it may fit with the zoning idea:

RE:Guide for Creating Voxel Models

2020-12-21 22:05:47
Yes you should definitely create a thread with all this info and pin it.

Looking at the lander for scale reference, we can say one block is 0.5m, right?
Making the lander (16x16 model) approx. 8x8x8 meters. I think this is realistic enough.

RE:How Rovers and Units Will Probably Work in MC2

2020-12-18 22:50:04
So @bastecklein does this mean there is going to be deposits in the game, and not buildings that dig the ground ? (A bit like the ore fracking facility in MC1).
Reference to the thread:
I liked that. It included prospecting devices (buildings) to get a local heatmap of the surroundings with the proportion of ore or other mineral in the ground (thus locations where the digging facility would yield more)

RE:Preparing for Touchdown

2020-12-15 22:13:13
Can't wait!!! :D

RE:Stuff about Research

2020-12-05 09:57:32
Sure, I think research in the new game needs to be reworked compared to what it was in MC1. This was actually discussed here briefly, and I think that in addition to your proposal, the player should choose the tech in which to invest the resources they send. They are proposed with a list of techs, and "select" one, and the progress bar gets filled up as they send resources, unlike simply sending resources and then choosing an already-completed tech. This requires forward-thinking of what tech you want first. (getting this idea from the building construction system in Civilization). Maybe also add a time constraint so that it's impossible to shrink research time to 1 minute if you have infinite resources.

However, we don't know exactly how the fact that you have landed on a desert planet and you're on your own will be explained (the lore) (company gathering resources, exodus to better worlds, or various other reasons... ?), and we can formulate more precise research systems when we know this (how could the Earth provide new techs with what we send, if it is in complete chaos?)

RE:Russian translation

2020-12-01 16:51:48
You are in the suggestion box of Ape Apps, not necessarily My Colony. I am assuming you are talking about My Colony? If so, you can join the discord translation group.
Please refer to this :

RE:Sloped Terrain

2020-11-22 23:23:53
I like that!

Good idea Ansom. But the sun needs to appear in the sky first :) Waiting for that!

RE:Playing with Terrain Generation

2020-11-21 16:35:22
Love to see work on MC2 is doing great! Can't wait to see more :P

As for the problem with terrain generation and save files size, go simple and save the terrain. It would be too painful for long time players to not be able to profit from new features.

What you could do to save some space is instead of saving the entire terrain (all the blocks) you just save the version at which the chunk was generated, and from that the game would figure out which biomes did exist at that time, and get the correct terrain (just like it was generated the first time). Does that make sense ?

RE:My Colony v1.10.0 Sort-of Released

2020-11-03 10:20:53
Just saying I logged in My Colony 1.10.0 today and I really like the new UI.
Little things like the animation of opening pop-ups add a lot, and they are fast and smooth, good!!
It modernizes the game a lot.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2 - Page 4

2020-10-28 17:52:48
Ok well you have cleaned my main concern about game performance anyway.

I still feel like I would prefer decentralized servers, but maybe that's because I'm an experienced player. It should be harder for beginners to understand how that works.

Here is the reason : the main argument for a centralized server is the ability for everyone to communicate and trade. However, should trade be as easy as in MC1? Surely not. If you are isolated and the goal is to make your settlers survive it should be physically hard to exchange goods. Communication could still happen, just embed Ape Chat in the game and bam players can give each other advice but not gifts. It very much ressembles single player with just a chat.

With decentralized servers however players could play on the same map. I don't remember if that was said before but I think of a decentralized (player-hosted) server as one planet and all the players can either play cooperatively or in competition (up to them if they want to give each other goods, which is not physically hard in the same planet). Also I like to think of all the modding possibilities!

I guess it comes down to the lore of the game. If trading is not a important feature of the game it reduces the multiplayer aspect a lot and the centralized server is less relevant.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-10-25 11:25:42
bastecklein said:Actually the game could just as easily have both options. If basically all the centralized server is doing is managing trade routes and resource prices, any un-modded non-creative game type should be able to connect.

That's basically what multiplayer region was going to be, right?

But I thought the major change compared to MC1 was going to be the fact that the server does the simulation and the client does the rendering. Is this not going to be the case with the centralized server ? It's too bad, I liked this idea. And same-map multiplayer should be easier to implement as well.

RE:Second Thoughts on MC2

2020-10-04 09:42:37
I know I'm a bit late to the party ... :P

We talk a lot about the modding aspect that might disappear, of course it's to consider but I think only a small portion of players would have used them. To me the most important issue is game performance. Decentralizing servers had the advantage of taking away much stress out of the client and gave the ability to redistribute some of the computations to the servers, making the client overall more fluid. If we revert to the centralized server, how is performance going to be impacted ?

I also agree with Vince here :
Invincible said:just being able to see everything you made as whole and not through the regional view gives a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Regions is a workaround to bad performance for huge maps and a workaround shouldn't be a start-off solution for a new game (MC2).

Going decentralized does not necessarily screw trading and cooperation up, from the start I was thinking that server admins who trust each other could mod the game in order to setup unofficial trade routes between servers. Same for the chat (it could even be implemented in the official game, then you input the IP of the server you allow trade with), the two servers then acting as one, and we can setup a large network like that. I'm sure discord servers like NOZ and T1P would be able to do that and create a network of say 5 servers allowing 50 simultaneous players which is a good start considering the MC1 playerbase.

Going centralized does not necessarily mean needing regions otherwise bad performance, as stated by bast here, huge computations are not necessarily needed:
bastecklein said:You know DKMK100 I do like the idea of going back to the "colonizing" roots and feel, and not so much the city management feel as in MC1. I think MC2 will have a slower pace, in some respects, as far as progression goes. And maybe a more realistic feel to it, like what first settling a new world will really be like.

Get rid of the 100+ armies of rovers, 100+ same-type buildings, dozen of stargates "importing" tens of thousands of people a minute and you're left with a game just as enjoyable while being less resource-consuming (right?)

My conclusion is that (feel free to contest that) unless it's possible to guarantee performance changes to the point where the whole game from start to end can be played on an "infinite" map (and not regions) we stick to decentralized, otherwise let's centralize. To me that's what it comes down to, and building on the same map could be done just like multiplayer was (supposed) to happen either way (centr. or decentr.)

Something I must agree to, regardless of the game turning centralized or decentralized:

bastecklein said:trading resources over the GBT instantly really isn't realistic [...]. actually using Star Ships to build trade networks between colonies.[...] Maybe in MC2, Star Ships are the only real way to export/import/trade resources off of your planet. It makes logical sense. You build Star Ships and you can either then trade with Earth for rip-off prices bases on your starship cargo capacity, or you can set up networks with other players.

I like this idea. I don't know if that is what you are referring to but I remember this topic (2.5 years ago wow). Back then I wasn't expecting these changes to go live but they can be relevant now (summed up) :

Sobeirannovaocc said:the [space] station should actually be the starting point of a player. [...] after that you send space ships for every colony you start [...] travel times could be introduced [given the distance on the galactic map] [...] some techs to accelerate the travel time like researching better engines for the ships [...] When you buy on the GBT it can take time to get the resource, depending on the location of the other person's station. When you post a trade on the GBT the ressources are sent to your station. All the resources you buy on the GBT have to transit by your station. This will make players rely more on the commonwealth and the mother colony (bc closer) and rare resources that would only be produced by the zolarg for example will take time to come. [It will also add the need for greater anticipation. Maybe the space staion can be the company's HQ].

I also like the embassies where the other player has a dedicated space to build what they want.

RE:My Colony Website Moving

2020-09-10 14:26:39
Ok @bastecklein let us know


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