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1. The platform is Ape Native.
2. The crashing type is closing immediately without any notice.
3. Newly created online colonies, not created under my charter "waterworld001", also crash in the same way.
4. Offline colonies are not affected.
4y ago
After I updated to v.1.3.0, it successfully ran once, but after that first time, it crashes every time I open my colony after a few seconds.
Playing on PC, windows edition.
Colony name: waterworld001
4y ago
Yes, my health was stuck for two updates but still hasn't been fixed. This explains everything! Thanks!
4y ago
Well, seems like that my grand total of 30 billion assistance is not a big number... I have felt guilty so I declared independence early. Anyways, sorry @IzDaBait.
4y ago
You should set the employment priority to highest for these buildings. The feature is added in v1.2.0.
4y ago
Access to multiplayer trade is possible with the scroll bar at the bottom without even having the GBT, by:

1. Wait for the scroll bar on the bottom to show a message of "Sold: ...".
2. Click on the message.
3. The GBT interface is opened. Any trade can be done as if the GBT is bought.

My Colony v1.1.0, Windows 64-bit edition.
4y ago
Testing if my posts and comments are hidden...
4y ago

This is part of the base in a water world. Because I didn't read the update notes (v1.0.0), I was puzzled about the death wave each month for a few days straight. But now that I know more healthcare buildings should be built, I have built 93 small medical clinics in total, but the health is still at 0%. Is this still not enough? How many percentages of colonists should be at clinics? Thanks.

There are now ~600 colonists in total and each month 200 die.
4y ago


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