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Or do they live with their parents until maturity? I've got so many minors that it disrupts actual work from being done since there's only a limited amount of adult workers...

Can I just simply monitor actual "adult" population quantities for actual housing requirements?

Thanks for your time!
4y ago
I use an S8+ and have no issues with the program. I'm suggesting that perhaps you turn the graphics down to low res, and turn the update frequency to normal or less... I'm also going to suggest that I may not be the program having the issue. I know quite a few people that have a billion apps installed on their phone and this can make it laggy…

Just wanted to put that out there...
5y ago
Forcedminer said:https://www.my-colony.com/reference/general.html?search=research#SmallResearchLab

SmallResearchLab Requires the following resources if you don't have them they won't appear.
Gold -25
Steel -80
Ore -1800

yep... got all that.... and more... its just not showing up...
Thanks everyone for the input...
6y ago
After the update I decided to restart my colony (the one I had was small, so no great loss...) while playing the new colony, I noticed that the Small Research Lab was no longer in the list of buildings...

Is it just me?
thanks for your time!
Android 7.0
Galaxy 8+

6y ago


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