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do minors require additional housing?

Or do they live with their parents until maturity? I've got so many minors that it disrupts actual work from being done since there's only a limited amount of adult workers...

Can I just simply monitor actual "adult" population quantities for actual housing requirements?

Thanks for your time!
So far as I can tell:

1 human/Zolarg/Draconian = 1 house/housing unit.

Yeah, you have to build more housing than jobs. Maybe the dev will modify it in upcoming releases. The only thing I can tell you is my birth rate drops off a lot under the following conditions:

10k+ adults, 2k homeless

I mean the birthrate has dropped off a cliff. From (in game simulation time), 15k kids in 6yrs., to 2k kids in 25 yrs. But I have to make them all mad being homeless.

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