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Totally love this update. it's like how the game was meant to be played all along
So I've been off for a while now, just came back for update 1.0.0 which has some really good performance not seen since the early early days of the game. I just sort of remember that at one point it was possible to message one offline colony to another and get resources from one colony, say zolarag's aluminum, to a human world and vice versa using I think empires and annexing one base with another.
I remember it being important that the messsage being sent from the smaller base to the larger base but I can't get the messaging icon to give me access to the other base.
It's been a while so I might have missed something about the steps to annex one offline base for another so could someone tell me how to do it. If it's impossible that would also be good to know and I'm currently doing regions so I don't know if it affects this
So something I noticed, not certain if if matters or not, but it is something interesting. In the early game of a city in a region when you have multiple unfilled houses, because that's how I generally play, the colonists will fill as a group one house alone. The thing of note is that they have a tendency to switch from one relatively likely location to another location on a whim. Like several times a second. Given that it takes a few seconds of colonists being in that building for the stats to update I would be slightly interested to know if maybe this isn't contributing to mass die off somehow. Simply mabye the computer is somehow a little laggy on working out what the statistics of healthcare is and in that interim somehow it kills everyone off. I did find that, possibly based upon placebo but who knows, if I only have one large housing unit and fill it up before moving on to the next all housing units stay stable with colonists staying in one space and it seems to make die off significantly less prevelent. Still can happen and still be a problem, but it seems to be significantly less extreme. Also it seems like it might be something in the map, maybe. You asked for things we noticed so I'm just giving observations you know you're own code so you'll know if any of these matter. I'm finding that sometimes I can get north of a 9000 in one space and using identicall strategies I end up with less than 3000, again doing it one building at a time really helps but it might be worth trying multiple locations in quick succession using identical starts and seeing if any of them have random die off the others don't exprience
I wonder if we could have some sort of loan system, like if you need a certain amount of money or material you have x amount of time to pay back with resources they offor to accept, if you don't they start garnishing wages. Maybe they could have a resource called "souvenirs" you get x amount of profit selling them, or maybe you could have a price that you must meet to get these bonuses
I'm kinda wondering if maybe it shouldn't be like an opening of the tech tree for new fusion tech. Like, you can't get a paste tank, but once you get zolarg in the place you can get a far weaker variant that depends on having a certain population of zolarg. So part of it is having housing for other races they are comfortable with. So for example you can now make deposits of say ten aluminum but you need at least a hundred zolarg in the artificial zolarg housing for it to be able to produce them So you get basically nerfed benefits of that species
They probably should also have certain bare minimum requirements scaled up with the more important colony needing more resources. For example they need for a colony worth 10000 at least 10000 ore and 1000 steel every second for arms and weapons. They need at least 100 soldier. The more attractive the colony is the more resources and soldiers needed because the empire is willing to fight more for it.
Maybe also there could be some sort of clock that keeps track of how much trouble the empire has at any given time. The more trouble it has, the less it will spend on one small colony.
Actually this could be the basis of a new resource guns, used solely in revolutions, exclusively a good you can export, and in crimes. Could even bleed into government. Insisting everyone join a militia for a year and providing all ex militia with guns means that crime doesn't happen hardly at all, but means that high levels of discontent make periodic revolts happen with high damage to the colony. Make guns illegal but have high production of guns and you end up with high levels of crime unless you have a ridiculous number of police and so on.
I think as an extra they might do oxygen levels, which obviously allow for more life but maybe cause occasional explosions when it gets to high, and also lethal to humans before that specific point. maybe certain levels of co2 allow for more or less trees. Maybe they grow faster as you approach a certain level of atmosphere. As an extra maybe something similar could be done with water Justs spitballing
So i think I might have some analysis on the issue. It will appear next to the item it will need to build in question and then have as it's final destination the position it was just at. Then when it reaches the new point it repeats. By small increments it will position the start and endpoints closer together. I think it's somehow switching start and end points, possibly a switch in a variable where it takes the address of the final point and the starting point. Course I don't know the specific code but I hope this helps. Oh incidentally this was on PC
So a tip for users, don't get more than the number of managers needed to increase the tick count. That's really the only serious improvement to the building that it gives. I think it would also be nice to see the ticks how long each takes per round on a building, as well as the amount per tick
I certainly agree this would be an awesome extra feature
Damage also would need to accumulate on buildings and rovers would have a finite life. Like how on Venus the ship that was used got crushed almost instantly. Also the platform would probably need a massive amount of fuel to maintain itself. Probably that h3 Possibly also could make it so there would be simple storage units where speccific types of materials, like maybe triantium three, can be created by simply storing a less condensed version, like antium, until they are the new substance, almost like garbage in dumps. Just some random ideas that popped up when I read this one. Very cool by the way.
This is a bug, not unique to the gramarium. It seems to be pretty random which buildings are effected but one out of a group will just not produce
I'm just curious if anyone has any insight into weather the size of the colony creates the glitch. My colony hasn't worked in like a month and a half. It's kinda annoying to try to get on even. It's one of those massive maps. The human colony is this way, but not the insectoid colony. That is working really well actually. I wonder if it's some human building that's causing the problem, or if something about the massive population. I noticed that the biggest problems are with buildings that require a lot of workers. most other buildings had an easy time. Buildings like the food processing plant just do not make.
Maybe not make a bot like most bots are bots. Maybe make a building that houses a bot that simply works without rendering if you turn off colonist animations. Otherwise when a colonist gets sick then a vehicle is sent from the building to a colonist, then from a colonist to a hospital, then back to the building. Maybe make it so that you can create the cars internally. A limit of maybe ten cars.
I think it would be nice at least if it were possible to select multiple buildings. It would have a little bit more control than destroy all, like if you don't like where a specific area of solar panels was but most of your power is produced by solar panels. it would be nice if you could a line of tiles in the same way that it's possible to mass build them and any building that's even partially on that line is selected to destroy. Then just have a single instruction to destroy them.
I already suggested this actually. I'm not sure the cap makes sense. There's no current cap on vehicles. They're only really limited by how expensive vehicles are as far as path finding. If it's really that worrying just make the different variations of vehicles be more expensive to create.
Maybe glass could be a resource produced there. Maybe the water has a base loss that exists independent of colonists. Ice might even become a commodity there shipped from ice worlds.
Maybe something like this for trade. So you can offer loans of say 1000 ore for 1000 ore with interest accruing at the same rate as the leading colony or united earth demands taxes. The the building for this type of trade is cheaper, and it's a way for people to get a leg up at a possibly reasonable price if they run out of aluminum and don't have the money for it. Obviously it might be simplest that a resource must be paid back. For this there will definitely need to be protections against a person simply creating a colony taking up several loans, sending it to a parent colony they own, and then deleting the colony.
As far as what the person could put on the market, I'm thinking what they are lending, possibly what form they want in return and the interest rate. A young colony could get 10000 ore to be repaid in kind at 5% interest rate, I doubt compounding should be added as that just makes things a little grim.
maybe make a new resource. one station that cans it, probably in aluminum say one aluminum and 100 units of air per can and so people with excess sell it to people who don't want to make atmosphere generators.
For this glitch if you select people and manually put them in the building you can get people in. It seems people get allocated to a location without being at a location. Just keep putting them in by hand. Sometimes a fire drill fixes the glitch too.


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