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You've never heard of temporary kicks, suspensions, etc? Warnings placed against accounts, not just "Hey stop doing that or else I might do something sometime somewhen!"

But, whatever, I don't care. They said you wouldn't do anything, and you didn't. All you did was say I'm to blame. So be it.
3y ago
So the bullies are always right? You ever seen in school the good guys having the higher numbers? Or was it always "4v1" in schools when kids were getting beat up by bullies?

4v1 doesn't automatically make the 1 wrong. But, you're 15, what could you understand anyway.

And yea, if the community is injected into the game as a permanent part of it that must be "hidden" but not "disabled" in the settings, and the community is hostile or talking about people who view a situation a certain way as "retards", then yes I will probably stay away from such a game.

Define Liberal:
adjective: liberal
open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
"they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people"

You're definition: "Libtards" "A liberal is a retard."

You see where that might push people away? What if I happen to be a liberal? I'm not, I could be but, I don't go for those labels. However, it would be the same as you saying "blacks are retards" (I'm not saying that, just an example), but that would suddenly be wrong, because thats a race and racism is wrong~ So why's it ok for you to group an entire group of people you know nothing about into the category "retard"? You aren't even old enough to vote, and see the situation as a whole and you're braisingly calling people retard for being under a specific political stance?

So yes. I took offense to the fact that, you guys were in there calling entire groups of people you don't agree with because mommy and daddy told you so, retards, and when asking about the game features you literally told me to shut up so you could continue ranting about "liberal retards". So if you'll excuse me, I feel justified in the fact that, I stood up to a bunch of bullies who were trolling about things they know nothing about and then attacking someone who wanted them to stop and take it somewhere else.
3y ago
Invincible; You don't understand the concept of professionalism. I didn't say turn it into a triple A game. Behave according to a code of conduct. Mute, kick, ban trolls from the chat. Install a system of censors if you want the chat to be safe for children, so you don't have people teaching 15 year old kids to tell people to "fuck off cunt". The exact words spoken to me by someone I believe is 15 there.

How is asking if the game has a pause button impolite? The first response I got was rude as hell.

Having an always networked chat running that I couldn't disable was the reason I mentioned I might not purchase the game. Which you guys took as some horrible attack, and then I stated the chat got stuck and i could no longer play the game in which the second response was also rude. You want to claim that I was the rude one?

You shouldn't be sitting there in a game chat thats always open for all players, shitting on people's views. Calling them libtards. Attacking people who don't view the world the same way you do. The game has nothing to do with real world politics, so don't bring your political bullshit into the game. Take it to a new channel, a politics channel, where people can optionally go if they want to.

EDIT: I see that Invinc edited his message to remove two paragraphs, but I'm not gonna hide my response to it.
3y ago
You clearly didn't read the chat, in which I shared screenshots of till you said stop. I feel that you are very unprofessional with the game community. Allowing them to be so lax that they troll people for fun, exactly as happened today. They actively harassed me after I refused to bow down and kiss the ass of the all mighty player there who was behaving like a child. Yes, I was annoyed that you refused to do anything, exactly as they said you would. They said they could do anything and you wouldn't bother doing anything.

With no complaints? They admitted to doing bad things in the past, when bragging about how you did nothing about them. So, yes. I feel the chat is full of trollish players, who will attack someone who doesn't come in and say "Hey great game can someone give me stuff please?".

If the chat had let me, I would have logged the entire thing as text, but it didn't copy names because your chat thing turns everyone's names into this sort of image or something that couldn't be copied. Multiple times, they told me to "fuck off", nothing just a "you guys need to behave like adults, but I'm not gonna do anything about the massive amount of times you told this guy to fuck off or the fact you called him a cunt and the fact that you said you wanted to assault him.", nah, you let it slide. And thats what they said you'd do. Thats why they do it, thats why they'll do it again, if anyone ever gets the courage to speak up again that isn't a mindless "great game" zombie. Yea, its an interesting game, but I don't walk in like a 15 year old kid and go "Oh wow this game be epic", I analyze, I test, I evaluate. I know how to give it straight.

You didn't want the screenshots, you didn't want to hear it. I tried. But, you didn't want it. They claimed you'd be able to see the entire chat too. So if thats true, I don't need to restore the deleted screenshots.

Here's some I shared with my community however.

The very first message sent to me;

After I had expressed distaste for the chat not being removable/disablable;

Much later in the conversation, the "wishing of assault";

Trolls talking about the issue and wanting to continue it;

Thats just the stuff I shared though. I didn't upload everything.
3y ago
Let me clarify this thing the guy above said.

I asked if it was possible to pause the game.
Luker said "No vas so shut up unless your gonna rant against libtards"

I then asked if it was possible to DISABLE the chat, entirely, not just hide it.
They kept telling me the instructions to hide the chat.
I kept explaining I don't want to hide it, I want to disable it.
They didn't understand.
My game glitched, the chat got stuck open. I mentioned this.
Coco said "Care to complain about the game any more vas?"

I suggested that the community is bad, because the first comment told me to shut up so they could continue attacking people they refer to as "libtards" and next mocked me for talking about a feature I didn't like and mentioning a glitch that caused the game to be unplayable.

After which, multiple people just kept mocking me, over and over. I decided this type of behavior was unacceptable, and spoke up about it. More mocking. They admitted to flaming me, admitted to mocking.

I mentioned I was typing up this report here.
Coco and Luker said that Bast, the dev, would never remove the two top players, and then bragged about the things they've done that they should have been punished for but didn't. Yes, I have screenshots of this.

Later even, they continued to mock, attack, insult, tell me to fuck off, fuck a duck, calling me cunt, and even wishing they could commit physical violence against me. All the while, I had not cursed them out, or directly attacked anyone.


Finally, Bast joins the chat, far later, and ultimately does nothing. Proving me right, that these guys can do whatever they want and get away with it. He insinuates that I was spamming the chat when trying to show him screenshot proof of their behavior and that it was just as bad as what they had done. This tells me, to stay away from Ape Apps. This tells me that this is a community where you can do whatever you want and the dev just doesn't care to keep things appropriate. So I will take my leave. I will share this information with anyone I come across, with developers I meet and talk to. Anyone i can to spread this information around.
3y ago
And as you can see, Mew doesn't even know what happened, he is making an assumption after coming in later. He's just defending the great "cocobob" without knowing all of the story.

And here we are, they found this post, and are talking about it in the chat, actively attacking and insulting me, telling me to "go fuck myself" and "fuck a duck". Seriously, developer, moderators. Do you allow this kind of behavior go just because they are the "top players" in the game?
3y ago
Interestingly, now Cocobob32 has stated that he wishes to assault me and more members of your community have joined in on the trollish behavior. You got a great community here, a lovely pack of trolls who attack anyone the top guys tell them to. Unfortunately, I can't attach screenshots here.

The "threat" of assault:

At least one other has joined in on attacking me, telling me to "fuck off cunt". (Mew1234567899), while "Roar", is simply joining in on the trolling but has not been offensive or done anything that I would consider report worthy, yet.

It just proves to me though, that your community is unmoderated. In a chat system that is forced into the game and stuck active at all times and the only feature you have is to "hide" the chat notifications, which does not actually disable the network data that flows through your network. Originally, I was there to ask if it was possible to disable the chat in such a way that it stops the network data, and thats when the mocking began.
3y ago
You have a shitty community of people who freely attack anyone who doesn't join them in their public political chats and tells them to shut up if they don't join them in their chat that they don't want to take to their own channel, and then attacks them every time they mention something they don't like about the game or mention a glitch that happened causing part of the game to get stuck or become unplayable.

Name 1: Lurker124 / [ISP] Crystal Outlandz
Name 2: cocobob32 / Catalyst

These two attacked me because I mentioned a feature I did not like, and then I mentioned that a bug caused the game chat to be stuck open in my game and I could no longer build anything, in which they decided to mock me further.

Now they are continuing to attack me, and explaining to me that they can do anything they want because they are the top players. They've already convinced me, as well as some of the issues I encountered, that this game is not worth paying for. I waited a while for things to improve, I came back today, only to be insulted immediately upon using the game. If these two can do whatever they want and get away with it scott free just because they are your top most players, well you got a shitty system here and I think no one should buy any of your games, since you'll just play favoritism.

In fact they are now telling me to "suck their balls", and bragging about all the times they've been punished in the past with warnings and such without being banned. I will be sharing this with people in other game servers, and we will watch what resolution you take on the matter. I've already screenshot this page by the time I hit Submit, in case you try to hide it. Hiding it will be the same thing as "I encourage them to continue their actions".

I had hoped to get back into the game, but sadly, this behavior is appalling. I can't believe you allow it.
3y ago
Shame. I wanted this on steam so that people would see how many hours I have spent in the game on my account, use the screenshots and sharing feature of steam. It would let people go to the game's store page too if they see me playing it.

Using your shortcut method instead will not let them see this or screenshots I take or anything like that because it will be considered a non-steam game.

There are probably ways you can generate a steam key for people, steam tends to work with you a bit on this I believe as I've seen other developers do it. I'm just not entirely sure myself. Reason I bring this up, is I would like to get it on steam so that I can use steam's update client to keep the game up to date, use its sharing methods like screenshots. But I would like to use the balance I have on my google account to pay for it, which can only be done for Google Play content so I would have to buy the premium on my phone, but as you say, it won't unlock on steam so I haven't done this yet and have been putting it off for a long time, and in the end probably forget and may not end up happening.

My whole gaming experience is focused around steam. Everything I get is on steam. I tend not to really focus on games that aren't on steam. Its just how I am it seems.
5y ago
I have no idea what you're trying to say. I'm saying that anything that can only be built in the Landing Pod, should also be buildable in the small vehicle factory. No more losing the game if you delete the pod and lose all your rovers of a specific type.
6y ago
2) FFS. -.-
Why do you need a government building to click an automatic pay button? You don't, thats why.
Goverments don't decide to auto pay, the player playing the GAME decides to auto pay so that he doesn't have to click two damn buttons every 5-10 minutes.
Same for paying the workers.... These are not government related things, auto pay should be available always, not just when you build a government building.

3) No. YOU build the new resource as soon as you gain access to it. I don't. I leave the game running all night after I reach a stable point and use my research in the morning on a bunch of things.

4) So, to report a bug, I have to save my colony, exit to main menu, just to see version number if I happen to have left the game running all night and forgot the exact version I'm on when typing up a bug report? Please stop speaking as if you're a developer or in charge, because I just don't see a dev status on your name. I mean this is literally the easiest option in the world to do, the dev could come here see this and go "Sure why not, it'd take me 60 seconds to do." and then you'd feel foolish for trying to fight it so hard.

Another reason, is if I hit Print Screen to capture a bug, to file a report later, the version number will be in the title bar or the browser tab, in case later I'm playing and the game has updated to a later version.
6y ago
1) I have to reduce system volume to 30% to make the selection sound effect not ear shattering, from 70%. Which makes everything else whisper quite. So not gonna happen on that.

2) I'm a rebel. I don't want to pay taxes!
You shouldn't need a government to remove annoying screens for auto pay. Thats just dumb. Made worse by each time you pay, or don't pay, an additional popup happens. Made even more worse by the fact it kinda glitches if you leave the game running while you watch a movie then come back to like 10+ windows that each spawn their own additional popup. Oddly when I click pay sometimes it says I didn't, but whatever. The point is I want auto pay, without a government, which takes a while to get to.

3) If I don't know what I need to get a building, how am I gonna know I need a resource for it. I mean If I don' know what resource I'm not producing because it doesn't show up at all till I start producing it or get at least 1 of it...

I had oil sitting around my base being useless, and built oil tanks but I couldn't find the thing needed to build oil miners, I scrolled through the list many times and gave up because I couldn't find anything at all. I could find no information on what I needed to unlock oil miners. An hour later when I was producing other things, it finally came up so I could FINALLY mine the oil patch blocking part of my base.

4) I did say ease of access, right? It literally hurts nothing at all, putting version number in the title bar. Its literally the easiest thing in the world to do ever.
6y ago
I don't think you get it. The shuttle you arrive on is the only one capable of building certain rovers, while the small vehicle factory can't build some of them. Thats what I'm saying.
6y ago
It would be nice if we could see if a colony is under an Embargo on their status screen when you click to open it. With an amount required to lift the Embargo allowing another colony to gift that amount to you, should you need it.

Not to mention the stats screen under government, should also show embargo status so you can see if you'restill under an embargo rather than clicking on a trade building to see if you have a trade icon yet.
6y ago
Accounts with free status should be able to only have one online colony at a time.

Accounts with Premium status, should be able to have 2, maybe even 3 colonies at a time.

Accounts detected as using multiple accounts should probably be punished as well.

People currently appear to cheat in the game, by making multiple colonies and just self supporting themselves on harder maps and sending resources between their own colonies, which removes all fun to the game and makes it pointless.


Something to add to this, an always online colony might be nice too, but might require some sort of additional fee, like an option to pay per month, or a year, to have a colony running even while offline so that it can auto import/export to the global market based on stats you put in yourself, as well as build long projects or just collect resources while running, etc. This would be an option in the colony to enable, or disable at any time.

That way you can run a colony, without leaving the game open on your machine or phone all night. But just an additional thought for account related stuff.
6y ago
Mines are kind of cheaty infinite ways of keeping a colony going forever. I think each tile on a planet choice, should save an integer to it, of a resource of a table of resources.

When a mine is placed on these tiles, the mine calculates all the resources from the table type that mine allows (Ore/Regolith for example), and output "this mine has x resources before depleted). When mining, it drains an amount from one tile in a cycle as miners take from it. So if a miner takes 8 at a time. Tile 1 loses 8, then another miner takes 8 more, Tile 2 loses 8, so on so forth.

Mines would calculate the tiles in the vicinity around them. So a 2x2 sized mine, will calculate a 4x4 sized area getting a total of 16 tiles worth of data. Mines can't be built within range of another mine to prevent overlapping these zones.

Once that resource is drained, a new mine for that resource type can not be built there, it will check the mine size of tiles (2x2) for an ore of that type before allowing placement meaning the mine will require direct placement on top of an available source of ore.

Eventually, if the entire map is drained of all resources on all tiles which, I doubt would happen, the only way to get more would be through trade.

This is an issue however with how the game works, because players frequently cheat by making infinite colonies to self support their other colonies.
6y ago
1) I'd like better control of the sound. The selection sound is way WAY too loud, I had to disable ALL SOUND to stop my computer from playing a massive loud sound every time I clicked a rover. Which is now, why I am no longer playing because the game is boring and quite, which makes it depressing to play.

A method to change the volume of sounds, and music if ever added. As well as a way to change the volume of a single type of sound, should you have annoyingly loud ones like the one I mentioned. Or you could just change the sound file so its not like blasting fireworks in a room in the dead of night every time you click something.

2) I'd like an option to get rid of some of the dialogs, like every time I paid taxes, an additional dialog came up saying "thanks for your obedience", and I'd rather not have that anymore. Or should I want to deny, I'd like a button on the dialog that asks me to pay taxes, to "auto deny from now on" which would be changable from within the Stats screen under Government.

Really, I don't think we should need a government building to auto pay taxes, its silly and annoying. Too many popup dialogs right now.

3) An option to display all structures that race on that planet is capable of building regardless of if its currently buildable or not. I have a frequent problem of researching something, and the game refusing to show me what I unlocked, and I give up because I can't figure out how to get it to appear, such as the Oil Well and Civic Center. Eventually they shown up, I suspect its because you needed something first like Microchips, but itshouldn't wait till you get a resource to display, it should display immediately after unlocking it.

Perhaps you can use a checkbox in game instead of a setting in engine settings. "Display All" toggle to show all things, things in purple that aren't yet researched, things in red that aren't yet buildable, things in yellow that lack resources, and things in green that can currently be built.

4) This isn't an option, but sorta related to the UI anyway. In the desktop client, the title bar should show the version number next to the game name. In the web version, the version number should be added to the page title. Ease of access.
6y ago
I'd like a way to fill in infinite water squares on earth like planets. Perhaps a structure type that can only be built on a water cell, that when completed deletes the water cell turning it into a normal land tile.

However it seems the game uses water in the form of a structure so there is already land beneath it, so it may not work if layered building isn't possible, but I'd still like a way to fill in the water in some way, using resources rather than just a demolish button.
6y ago
The small vehicle factory should be able to produce all rovers, even those from the shuttle, allowing you to sell the shuttle right off the bat if you want to.

That would mean other things the shuttle is required for (like gathering wood apparently) should be changed over to any storage units for that resource, or the raw resource storage plot that you can build at the beginning.

Lastly, I'd like to be able to set a waypoint for Small Vehicle Factory, to produce a rover and have that rover move there and find an unoccupied square near the waypoint.
6y ago
For some reason, these nations you choose seem unbalanced, and somewhat dumb.

United Earth:
If you choose to be an earther, you are choosing to be a dictator species that lies about peace and conquers, according to the description in game.

So this race, should not be allowed to have non-human immigration, and all immigration from those not of the same exact nationality should have a 75% chance of being deported, which means 100% of all aliens and 75% of all humans that aren't "United Earth".

Earther taxes and fees, should be far higher than other races, dominating the places they take over, taxing their people to starvation and death, with an increased civic cost of liberation.

Earthers mine ore by default instead of Regolith, and thats fine, thats a good feature for them. They should do so everywhere, harvesting Ore from asteroids or whatever habitat they start on.

League of Independent States:
The independents are treated like trash of humanity in the game, they can't pick an earth like planet, they can't have some of the other human technologies, and still have to pay high taxes. When you pay taxes, you pay taxes to the government that you're part of, so your taxes go to the League instead of United Earth. The League should stand for honor and peace, and stand for the people. As a League member, taxes should be lowered, 50% instead of 75%.

These guys should be able to build all the same structures as the humans, with the exception of that, they mine Regolith, instead of ore, and then compact that into usable ores or use it in other areas, being resourceful they get a little more ore for their work load. (E.G. for every ore a United Earth gets, a League miner would get the equivalent of 1.1 ore worth of Regolith).

Their government buildings should allow upgrades and certain actions that are the same as the earth counter parts, just with different names and styles, not to show dominance but to show peace. As an example, the consulate in UE has a planet crushing a civilian as its gold top. In League, it could be a dove with a leaf in its beak.

Immigration with this race is unhindered, all are welcome here and immigration is divided amongst all those that are part of your common wealth evenly. Unhappy people in your colony, should be allowed to leave the colony too, using the same immigration pads that allow them to come in, at the same rate as people come in. Which could mean you might have a line standing at your pads if people want to leave your colony which should indicate to you, that your approval rating is bad and you need to fix it.

Right now it kinda feels sorta like this nationality is treated like lesser weaker humans that aren't as smart or civilized, when its quite the opposite. They are more civilized and more intelligent for not being brutish dictators who care about only themselves.

Zolarg Empire:
I actually don't know anything about them.

Alpha Draconians:
I actually don't know anything about them, except they are ruthless dictator slave drivers. They should probably have the pure breed stat, and not allow any immigration at all except from their own race.


I believe all races should be able to choose any planet however.

If you'd like to help fill in some data on these other two empires which I know nothing about yet, go ahead and comment. Please try to be detailed, as I have been with my posts.
6y ago


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