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Bad chat community attacking everyone who talks that they don't like.

You have a shitty community of people who freely attack anyone who doesn't join them in their public political chats and tells them to shut up if they don't join them in their chat that they don't want to take to their own channel, and then attacks them every time they mention something they don't like about the game or mention a glitch that happened causing part of the game to get stuck or become unplayable.

Name 1: Lurker124 / [ISP] Crystal Outlandz
Name 2: cocobob32 / Catalyst

These two attacked me because I mentioned a feature I did not like, and then I mentioned that a bug caused the game chat to be stuck open in my game and I could no longer build anything, in which they decided to mock me further.

Now they are continuing to attack me, and explaining to me that they can do anything they want because they are the top players. They've already convinced me, as well as some of the issues I encountered, that this game is not worth paying for. I waited a while for things to improve, I came back today, only to be insulted immediately upon using the game. If these two can do whatever they want and get away with it scott free just because they are your top most players, well you got a shitty system here and I think no one should buy any of your games, since you'll just play favoritism.

In fact they are now telling me to "suck their balls", and bragging about all the times they've been punished in the past with warnings and such without being banned. I will be sharing this with people in other game servers, and we will watch what resolution you take on the matter. I've already screenshot this page by the time I hit Submit, in case you try to hide it. Hiding it will be the same thing as "I encourage them to continue their actions".

I had hoped to get back into the game, but sadly, this behavior is appalling. I can't believe you allow it.
Interestingly, now Cocobob32 has stated that he wishes to assault me and more members of your community have joined in on the trollish behavior. You got a great community here, a lovely pack of trolls who attack anyone the top guys tell them to. Unfortunately, I can't attach screenshots here.

The "threat" of assault:

At least one other has joined in on attacking me, telling me to "fuck off cunt". (Mew1234567899), while "Roar", is simply joining in on the trolling but has not been offensive or done anything that I would consider report worthy, yet.

It just proves to me though, that your community is unmoderated. In a chat system that is forced into the game and stuck active at all times and the only feature you have is to "hide" the chat notifications, which does not actually disable the network data that flows through your network. Originally, I was there to ask if it was possible to disable the chat in such a way that it stops the network data, and thats when the mocking began.
this person is twisting the story. some people were talking about politics and they were offended and jumped into the conversation. idk about yesterday, but they are the one who jumped in today.
Vas said:Interestingly, now Cocobob32 has stated that he wishes to assault me and more members of your community have joined in on the trollish behavior. You got a great community here, a lovely pack of trolls who attack anyone the top guys tell them to. Unfortunately, I can't attach screenshots here.

The "threat" of assault:

really? he said he feels like doing so because you wont drop the issue. just stop it
This game has a great community and Vas just stumbled in on the wrong game to take everything seriously I have nothing against him but he is being ridiculous
And as you can see, Mew doesn't even know what happened, he is making an assumption after coming in later. He's just defending the great "cocobob" without knowing all of the story.

And here we are, they found this post, and are talking about it in the chat, actively attacking and insulting me, telling me to "go fuck myself" and "fuck a duck". Seriously, developer, moderators. Do you allow this kind of behavior go just because they are the "top players" in the game?
I’m sorry but if he would like to post the full conversation it would be nice because it would clear everything up
i know what happened today. I'm defending because you are acting stupid. stop it. you aren't going to be able to talk to the developer. he is too busy being an amazing developer.
First time writing in these forums to defend Cocobob and Luker for this silly/childish complaint. This is one of the most supportive and overall chill online communities I have ever seen and its truly one of the reasons I play this game. Cocobob and Luker are two pillars of this community online daily and are quick to respond to questions/offer support. Don't get me wrong Cocobob can be a bit of a troll but if anything he trolls in a funny way that I don't feel ever means an harm. Todays event in chat was a complete joke and if anything Vas is responsible for the way chat turned negative today. There was a political discussion taking place in chat when Vas came in and told everyone they had no right to talk politics. Vas was told he could turn chat off an/or ignore it but choose to make it an issue and causing more drama. Then Vas continued to add to the drama by remining in chat and bragging about the report he submitted.
Alrighty. Think I should say something about this. I really want to be mean to Vas but wont cause forums are for respect. In the beginning, me and Bob(cocobob) were talking about politics, while Jjordin was sitting back and thinking. All the sudden Vas comes in and asks a few questions, so we answer him like normal. Then he/she keeps asking the same question, to which me and bob respond AGAIN. This time, I told him to shut up and think about it before he posts again. Vas then starts complaining, to the point where I'm thinking about just flaming him to make him shut up. So I do. Soon after, I had to leave and go to PE, so I left Bob to take care of it and when I come back, HES STILL GOING. He then starts complaining about this community and how its shit and is the worst, which I feel is very disrespectful. He then brags about posting this and, in short, I feel he just wanted to get some assistance but then went all karen and had to bring it here. All I have to say to you: Keep it in your mind. Politics is already a touchy subject, just ask in forums. Dont intervene when a "heated" debate is going on. Just let bygones be bygones and me and @cocobob wont care.
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