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You built the launcher with Electron?
5mo ago
Something like XCOM? You would need a very good engine for that, something used by AAA game development studios.
5mo ago
Speaking of Mc2, is there a certain reason you need premium to join multiplayer games? I thought it was always that you needed only an account? Or has that changed?
5mo ago
I'm happy to see your still working on stuff, and hope it goes well mate.
6mo ago
I've gotten back into My Colony again lately, and I've noticed a couple of changes that could be made to help the overall Quality of Life.
1.) Large buildings like the starship port, disappear if you scroll a little bit too far away from the center of the building.
2.) Currently, a lot of rss don't have any use in late game. I'm not asking for a huge content update, but if we could get something that uses starships and makes something like charcoal(I don't just some sort of useful resource) that would give bigger incentive to getting into ships. B/c unless you have a large base of Tri generation, ships are overall a net loss.
3.) On the ape apps launcher of MC1, if you try to click the person's name in chat on the right hand side of the screen it will not pop up the list of colonies.
4). Please Bast add a dark mode to the ape apps launcher version of MC1. Please. My retinas beg for it.
5.) An option to click and put a number in where you want to export resources, instead of the slider we have now.
6.) Revert gift nerf. Please.
7.) Making it possible to sell to the galactic loot pool in higher lots than 100 million. I have well over 1/2 trillion ore I want to get rid of(Thx Bob), and selling it off in 100m increments is never gonna make it.
8.) Fix auto trade, b/c it doesn't work for some reason. I'll tell the game to auto trade my ships and my ships will just stay at max the entire time. Maybe add a feature to specify how much to sell at a time and how much to sell it for?
9.) A faster way to generate bricks. That's all.
Overall, now that I've written this out, it seems a lot longer than I originally anticipated. But hey, MC1 still needs a bit of love every now and then. I would hate to see the game that built my early teen years die.
8mo ago
Mainly, they operate as drop off locations for rovers if you don't have the correct storage setup. They also make atmosphere, and that's pretty useful in late game. But yes, they don't really add resources to the game, but they still do have a purpose.
8mo ago
I have recently noticed that saving from a region is broken. My gdp grew about 15 trillion, and I looked at Colinae(Colinaie?) and saw that it hadn't updated. So I tried to save from the region but it constantly is syncing with the server/or is just not letting me save b/c it says it's already saving. Considering my colony's file is almost 3 years old (birthday on May 14!), could that be the problem? Idk. I'll be uploading a video to the discord, at NOZ.
8mo ago
I've been modding the game as of late, and I really want to make structures with some sort of entrance for the workers to go into. Seeing as there is no specified location for them to go into, I think right-clicking a block and selecting "make a door block" should be implemented. This will change the block into a "door" for the colonists. Meaning they will pathfind to this block to enter the building, and the block will be able to be traveled through via rovers and workers.

Fun fact: I modded the game before I even played it.
9mo ago
Hey Bast! With the release of Scroll3d, can scroll 2d become open source? I would love to make a Mc1 clone with it, provided you dont care if I do.
10mo ago
The only problem I see here @DrSemiAuto0 is copyright, because Bast probably doesn't want to be sued because he used someone's music. It'll be up to him thought. Post the track in .mp3 format, .m4a is just no good when it comes to audio.
10mo ago
The fact is that the game seems to be getting pretty close to a pre-alpha phase, and I want to make some things clearer in my mind.
How much will the lore(mainly written by @GeneralWadaling - amazing writer btw) be involved inside the gameplay? I know that many people play the game because it's fun, not for the story aspect(at least not for the story of Mc1, which is woeful at best), mainly due to the lack of an overarching and easily accusable story. I think that for the game to be amazing, we'll need either a hard lean into the story,(i.e.... making most of the game about the early development of UE around mars, which could rob the game of the ability to be easily modded) or about gameplay(essentially mainly losing the canon and making new mechanics as it goes.)
I think there could be a very good middlegroud though. It'll be hard to balance, but if proportioned properly, Mc2 could be better than Mc1, and I don't say that lightly.
10mo ago
I dont think linux supports the file type of mc1, so you wont be getting it soon i dont believe.
10mo ago
Looks good bro! Maybe make the field of depth a little bit less fuzzy? Like turning down the intensity.
10mo ago
I've seen a couple of weird posts on this site, one of which claimed to "hack" the website, but they dont seem to know what hacking is. Check the discord feed for more info.
Not entirely sure what's happening there @bastecklein
10mo ago
Yea, this is a common bug I have too, and when I'm exporting ships. I think instead of a slider there should be a number box we can type for the amount. (Also many people have more than that amount of nanitesšŸ¤£)
1y ago
Sounds good! If I find the time, I'll definitely write some lore after brushing up on Wadaling's work!
1y ago
That sounds great! I was wondering tho, will there be other people also writing up lore? Kinda how Colinae works? If so, put G.Wadaling's lore in casue that guy is nuts when it comes to writing up lore and making models.
1y ago
Like Bast said, when no one is online the server wouldn't send much data anyway. Plus if the server is off, it could cause longer loading times if your unable to "ping" the server.
1y ago
Settlements will have distinct laws/policies from each other, and each player on a server can run multiple settlements.
I like this idea, and it was in Mc1. The thing is, if you want politics to play a role in this game, your gonna have to lean into it hard. Without a very good incentive, your not going to get anywhere because it will just become another gimmick people have at their disposal. Tldr: Lean into it and make it dependent with the game.
1y ago


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