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Hopped back into My Colony for the first time in a while, and thought of some stuff.

Center for Augmentation Studies: Study how making humans into robots work. Outputs a lot of research and takes robots and hundreds of workers.

Refractory Synthesis Lab: Takes in water and lots of energy to create large quantities of Tri, fully automated.

Combustion Chamber: A chamber for the creation of Uranium, utilizing high water pressure and isotopes of Uranium(Just Ether).

New Tech!: Non Newtonian Fluids
Newtonian Water Facility: Utilizing (insert random bs here), store massive amounts of water in tiny spaces!
[ This tech will open avenues for anything with water in it, allowing upgrades to total water consumption, storage, and production. ]

New Tech!: Liminal Spaces
Liminal Housing: 1x1 housing with thousands of people. Could use a new type of super expensive bot.
[ Could be used for even smaller production buildings. ]

Quantum Cloth Synthesizer: Uses wood and water to pull the fibers out of the wood to make cloth at an alarming rate.

Thats all for now, but stay tuned for more here in the near future! Feedback is appreciated.
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I would like to see a lot of this stuff get released so I can keep up with production requirements.
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