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Vanilla Enhanced - WIP

So, I bought the MC2 premium for shits and giggles last night, and I hopped into a private game to see what all the hype is about. Holy crap. This game is actually pretty good. I had a few small gripes I was going to bring here, but I stopped myself and though, "wait, I can just mod the game to suit my own needs and preferences!" So kudos to you, Bast, for making an amazing platform which I can foresee becoming a jumping point for some extremely talented modders to introduce great content!

On the topic of extremely talented modders, I would like to introduce my latest WIP for the My Colony Universe: Vanilla Enhanced! (Title is still in production). My main hopes with this mod is to take the game and craft a somewhat narrative-style adventure, but in the aspect of freedom of choices and a very out-of-the-picture story that the player can collect themselves via in game texts, documents, or references. A somewhat Dark Souls approach to story telling, but sprinkling in some aspects of modern games.

A single feature I would like to be added to aid me in this journey: A dialogue/popup/text window. Something to interact with a certain character or just a random png pulled from the files. This single addition would allow the game to have heavy narrative focus if the Modder so chooses. It won't be forced, just a tool that modders can take advantage of.

I truly believe that this game will go far, and with this simple addition, it could be taken ever farther.
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I started to add something similar and forgot about it, maybe I will go ahead and get the basic framework going for MC2 v0.23.0, which I am currently working on. @Luker124

Basically there was/is going to be a new section in the editor called either "Events" or "Scripts," which are triggered based on flags. You can already see where I started, where placing a unit or structure can set a global or player flag. And then when a flag is set, the engine is going to look through the scripts and see if one is triggered by the flag, and if so, it will perform some sort of action, which could be a dialog, sound effect, give you a unit, unlock a tech, or really anything.

The system was going to be used to create the in-game tutorial, but it could also be used in the way you are describing here.

I will try to get something implemented for the next update, at least a rudimentary start to the system.
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That would be very useful in the mod, thank you!
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Making progress, @Luker124

Done with the new flag + scripting tools I am implementing
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