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Im on Ubuntu 18.04 and the last 2 updates when i try to update from the launcher it just deletes the files but does not actually update them. I have had to download the new launcher files from the website to replace the ones deleted. Not a big issue for me just wanted to let you know.
4y ago
while I still cannot launch it from Nautilus I have found a workaround, I created a desktop launcher for the Ape Apps Launcher and it works
5y ago
I have been doing some digging on this and it seems that Nautilus is not seeing the launcher as an executable file, when i view the properties of the Ape Apps Launcher file i see this as the file type "shared library (application/x-sharedlib)" I believe that it should be application/x-executable but I cannot find a fix for this
5y ago
when I do "/home/username/Desktop/ape-apps-launcher-linux-x64-1.2.4/Ape Apps Launcher" in terminal the launcher opens

but if I open the folder on my desktop and double click on the Ape Apps Launcher file I get a pop up that says could not display "Ape Apps Launcher" there is no application installed for "shared library" files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file? and when I click the yes button I get the additional Mime types required notification.
5y ago
I just built this computer so I thought something went wrong when I installed Ubuntu, so I did a reinstall and am still having the same issue. So I tried to drag the launcher to a terminal window it does open and I can log in but none of the apps load. When I closed the launcher the terminal does not go back to the Username@username prompt and I left it there for a half hour.
5y ago
I'm not great at Terminal, did I do this correct?

~/Desktop/Ape Apps Launcher$ gnome-open Ape\ Apps\ Launcher
Error showing url: No application is registered as handling this file
5y ago
Ok, I was able to play last night but today when I tried the launcher I get the shared library thing again
5y ago
never mind, I found a copy of the old launcher and it works fine and is updating now
5y ago
Using Ubuntu 18.04.2 and I get "there is no application installed for "shared Library" files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file? when I click yes I get an Additional MIME Types Reqired notification. I installed the above library and still get this.
5y ago
Sorry I assumed I was talking with someone at a support center. Thank you for all the time you spent trying to help me out.
5y ago
I recently purchased premium and have an issue. I will usually play 2 or more games at the same time, the first time I open My Colony premium is activated. But the second or third time I open My colony premium is not activated and now I have a key that is suspended because I reactivate the second and third game every nite. I have contacted Ape App support, showed them in screenshots what was happening. I did everything they said to no avail, in their last commumincation to me they told me the removed the suspension but it is still suspended. they have since stopped responding to me.

can anyone help me?
5y ago
version .50 linux I can view the video but when I have no storage for the gift it goes to zero so I get no gift for the video. just got Alien artifacts but have zero storage for them, I received the gift then it just counts down to zero so I really did not receive a gift.
6y ago


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