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Tutorials and cutscenes

2020-06-28 21:20:01
On MC1 the most common questions you'd get from new and returning players would be how to actually play the game. For MC2 it would help everyone wanting to play to have an introduction of the basic game mechanics.

With regards to the cutscenes its more to introduce the lore of the different civilisations.

In-game Chat not disappearing

2020-01-03 23:50:57
I'm using the android app and I can open the in-game chat but once I've opened it I'm no longer able to hide it.
The device I'm using is the galaxy Tab s6 which might be the reason for the issue

RE:Colonist Lifecycle Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-17 16:58:02
With the graphic illustrating the distribution of people in the age categories would you be able to add a percentage of the how many people are in that category compared with the total population? It's just it would help people calculate the total number of people they actually need in their colony to fill all the available jobs.


RE:Major Work/Entertainment/Housing/School/Medical Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-13 16:32:30
My initial thoughts about the changes to approval rating regarding health, education and entertainment was to treat a bit like the utilities. So for education you could associate points based on the number of people in your colony that are young or old (what you decided to do).

Also you can have trash and atmosphere have an effect on colonists health. So the way they'd both work would be similar to the way taxes work. For atmosphere you could split it up into 0 - 250k, 250k - 1mil, 1mil - 5mil, 5mil - 15mil and 15mil+. Each category has a certain number of points associated to them which then effects all colonists. So the larger the atmosphere of the colony the more medical facilities are needed for the colony. This could also be applied to trash in a similar way.

Sorry if I'm repeating myself but you could also have the similar effect on the rest of the approval rating factors where they each provide points based on several factors. So education can have points relating to the iQ needed for that job so then the districts you have come up with can then have different needs for the colonists.

I think this would behave in a similar way to what you are currently developing. It would just have a fairly easy way to quantify how much entertainment etc. is needed for the colonists.

Once again I'm sorry if this is me repeating myself but I was just thinking you might like to implement this idea in someway, @bastecklein

RE:Major Work/Entertainment/Housing/School/Medical Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-13 10:38:26
Oh my message wasn't asking to change the percentages. It was more to ask for denser education, health and entertainment buildings as currently you'd have a lot more of the map used to support the colonists than normal.

Another thing to mention with regards to this, is to have the lander have some slots for health etc. as usually by the time people have access to all the building types they have a fairly large population.

RE:Major Work/Entertainment/Housing/School/Medical Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-12 21:43:37
When you say we need 5% for health, 20% for education and 15% for entertainment does that mean for a population of 1000 we would need space for 5, 200 and 150 in each of the three categories for 100% approval?

I've done some basic maths and with those figures currently we'd 8 times the total land area to support those people and 9% of the population to support them.

Could you potentially change the values for the buildings so that they can support more people?

RE:Major Work/Entertainment/Housing/School/Medical Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-12 18:53:32
With this change in how the game calculates entertainment, health etc. will we see the levels of trash and atmosphere finally have an impact in a colony?

I'm just asking as quite a lot of people have into the billions of these resources and will have a major impact in how the colony would work for individuals

I'm loving the effect this update has had on the way immigration. Where I can have multiple adv. cloning facilities with the game set at performance and have no lag

RE:Power/Bandwidth Changes for v1.0.0

2019-12-12 16:01:51

Just managed to test your new change to the approval rating system and I am loving the way you've implemented it.

Just a quick suggestion with regards to the building display option. Would you be able to have the default, semi-transparent and building only colours quick toggleable? So on computer left click and mobile single tap whilst to get the other options you right click or long press. It's just most of the time when building we only use those three options to see progress on building.

Another suggestion if you haven't already thought of it would be to change the colours of the buildings to unique colours for each type? As currently both the adv. medical centre and housing are red whilst hipster bars are an orange.

Sorry for bothering you at this early a stage of development

RE:Averaged production rates

2019-12-11 21:02:21
With regards to the way you implement the health, entertainment and the work distance for the colonist how will you be able to give a detailed description to how its done?
Currently I don't think anyone has any idea the correct ratios of entertainment to keep the colonists happy whilst also maximising production.

I had a chat with sobe and generalwadaling a while ago about how you could do this and it would act like the utilities. You could implement this on the area basis and for all of the factors effecting approval rating.

So for the education of colonists you'd have the different jobs requiring different iQ and the schools providing different iQ points.
For example the research converters require 100 workers and currently requiring 150 iQ. Each iQ requirement could require a certain amount of education points and the schools could provide a certain number of points as well. So say the 150 iQ job requires 7 points each this would make a research converter require 700 iQ points for the workers. To balance this out the transcendent academy could provide 500,000 points which can support approximately 700 converters.

You could apply a similar system to each of the categories that effect approval rating but to get a good approval rating you'd need an excess in all areas. If there isn't enough points for a specific factor then you can choose the largest quantity of people that would not be served by the lack of points in that area.

Let me know what you think!
I can do a thorough separate post going through my idea if you'd prefer me to do that?

Averaged production rates

2019-12-10 18:50:13

Would you be able to add an engine feature that we can toggle so that the game just averages production across all of the buildings instead of simulate each building?

So instead of each building producing a certain number of resources per cycle they produce it per minute. You can then base the total production rate of multiple buildings per minute instead of keeping track of how far along each building is and how many workers there are it just takes the average for all buildings.

For example, 100 advanced robot inc. require a total of 70k works and produce 14k robots per minute. Say there was actually 56k at work (which is 80% of the total workers) the total production is 11.2k per minute. Currently the rate fluctuates due to the workers not being evenly spread out between the buildings and so the cycles get completed at different rates.

Hopefully doing something like this over multiple building types and numerous of each buildings would speed up the game as the calculation is simpler. If it improves the game in the way I think it might this would mean the game performs at the same speed regardless the size of the colony

Let me know what you think!
This was the idea I thought of a while ago but never posted @bastecklein

Federation Request Notification

2019-12-09 19:24:11

Would you be able to add a notification to say when a play as wants to join a federation?

Could you get it to show up the same way friend requests, trades and messages show up? It's just currently we need to go into the federation tab to check and most of don't check too often

Let me know what you think!

RE:More New Region Features for My Colony v1.0.0

2019-12-08 20:50:45
How will the buildings already built on the edge of the map behave with the new feature of transferring bots between maps?

I don't have the time at the moment to test out the new update

RE:This Stupid Bug

2019-10-22 19:29:16
What did you need to do to produce the bug on command?

My Colony removed from Google Playstore

2019-10-14 10:36:52

My colony has been removed from the Playstore. There's no issues if you already have the game downloaded to the most recent version. However, you can't update the game to its most recent version and you also can't search for the game itself

More options blocked by advertisement

2019-10-11 14:43:27

After a while the game logs you out of the server and to log back in (web version on chrome) you have to click on the more options menu option to get the chance to log in. However, since you aren't logged in the app assumes you don't have premium so shows you ads but the problem with this is that the more options is hidden by the ad, as shown in the attached image. I have paid for premium so it is rather annoying being shown ads before I can log in to the game to verify that I have paid for it.

Please can you sort this minor issue out.

Short numbers

2019-10-03 21:50:15

This idea is more aesthetic in that it is to apply the short numbers feature to the change in quantity of the resources. This would be helpful so that the page doesn't get covered when showing the quantities of resources.

Let me know what you think!

RE:My Colony v0.97.0 Released

2019-09-30 16:32:09
This is by far the best update to the game for a while. The improvements with regards to bots are excellent.
Thank you Bast. Keep up the good work.

Change the build costs for the 3 antaura producing buildings

2019-09-16 15:15:13

After looking through the reference guide found on coloniae.space I noticed the build costs and the production rates of the three antaura producing buildings are unbalanced

The Interstellar Pad of Thought, which doesn't require independence, has the worst production rate yet costs far more resources than the other two structures.

The Unholy Mound of Worship (requires independence) has the best production rate, as well as providing housing, is the cheapest to build and the only issue is it requires antaura to build. The building description also needs updating as it currently says it does not serve as a drop-off point yet it can collect multiple resources.

Since the interstellar pad of thought is able to create antaura before independence this essentially makes the shrine of mystics obsolete as once you go independent people will just build the cheaper and faster producing Unholy Mound of Worship.

To make the buildings make more sense the build costs between the interstellar pad of thought and unholy mound of worship should be swapped (apart from the antaura requirement).

Let me know what you think!

RE:Fine Arts Warehouse

2019-09-08 10:42:16
You could call it the counterfeit market where it also requires bandwidth and software as well as consuming those three resources to generate a bit of money

RE:My Colony v0.93.0 Released

2019-08-25 18:46:21
Hey @bastecklein what I meant about the send resources through the global chat is to click on the person instead of the notification as most of the time the notifications don't come up unless I don't have the conversation open. Sorry for the inconvenience


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