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Well I just got over 24 hours of pulling my hair out, no fault of Brandon's.
To make a long story short, my firestick is the heart of my entertainment system.
I had a firestick 4K running quite well and NB worked well.
In a non-related problem the FS 4K started freezing up when I was accessing content on a streaming service in 4K. So I got a deal on the new FS 4K MAX and that's when things went South. I downloaded NB from the Amazon App store, it was basically unresponsive, wouldn't even change backgrounds let alone list available shares. So then I went to one of those on-line Firestick sites and d/l NB for firesticks from there. Slightly different but no go again.
I finally came back to this site and d/l Brandon's link to the Android APK version of NB. Guess what, it works like a champ again. Who knows? Amazon has been fooling around with the Firestick code, I am aware of that.
The bottom line is with the latest version of Firestick 4K MAX download the APK from this site or it may not work. I have no idea why, and at this point I don't care other than I am happy NB is it's happy old self again.
1y ago
Directly thru NW Browser, no. In Windows I use Chrome remote desktop however you are limited their file transfer restrictions. Your options for remote file transfer is to use an intermediary cloud service (i.e. Google Drive) or in my case I have a NAS that allows remote transfer. That's about all that's available remotely. NW Browser is handy in that you can then manipulate any files on your network thru that one remote connection to a single system that your remote desktop system supports.
1y ago
So what's the deal? No reply, it's a simple enough question. The answer mast be buried in the FAQs but it's not obvious and it should be.
2y ago
Odd problem. I have tried to play multiple video formats on a Firestick. The video is spot on however no audio regardless of video format or should I say container (mvk, mp4, etc). I should mention that pure audio files (mp3, flac) sound great.
I have installed MX Player thru troypoint and then VLC thru Amazon, neither show as an option for "other player" when the Video Player tab is selected. I've kind of run out of ideas what might be going on, new to this App. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I would expect it to work, shouldn't I?
OK well how about clearing the data and the cache. Silly me. Well there's the answer if someone should encounter this problem.
Great App BTW. Loving it, works like a champ with my WD My Cloud OS 5. Does something that nothing else I have found is capable of. Nice work!
3y ago


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