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Network Browser on Firestick.

Well I just got over 24 hours of pulling my hair out, no fault of Brandon's.
To make a long story short, my firestick is the heart of my entertainment system.
I had a firestick 4K running quite well and NB worked well.
In a non-related problem the FS 4K started freezing up when I was accessing content on a streaming service in 4K. So I got a deal on the new FS 4K MAX and that's when things went South. I downloaded NB from the Amazon App store, it was basically unresponsive, wouldn't even change backgrounds let alone list available shares. So then I went to one of those on-line Firestick sites and d/l NB for firesticks from there. Slightly different but no go again.
I finally came back to this site and d/l Brandon's link to the Android APK version of NB. Guess what, it works like a champ again. Who knows? Amazon has been fooling around with the Firestick code, I am aware of that.
The bottom line is with the latest version of Firestick 4K MAX download the APK from this site or it may not work. I have no idea why, and at this point I don't care other than I am happy NB is it's happy old self again.
Interesting, I didn't even realize the Amazon .apk file was having such problems. Thanks for letting me know about it
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