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Turning off render colonists does not have any effect at all. but in order to try to figure out if the fire drill has anything to do with the issue i figured i'd try to start a new colony for testing purposes just to see how long it would be until i'd see the issue if at all. To my surprise i saw it happen already within under half an hour my small vehicle factory showed 0/1/1 and when i checked the workers it showed that there was in fact someone on duty. A few minutes later i saw the same happen to one of my greenhouses and then later again on a gold mint. (screenshot below) So it would appear that this has nothing to do with the amount of buildings/population nor with the fire drill. (fire drill just seems to highlight the issue rather than cause it) This new colony is also a local game rather than online so it's not a sync issue either.

Ps. Sorry for spamming not really sure what info is or isn't relevant so figured i'd give as much as i can.
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PS. I have just done a fire drill again for science purposes and that did indeed recreate the issue of all of my production buildings that require population to operate getting in a stuck state where they display that every job has been filled but nobody is actually on duty. Opening the workers section tends to make the building realize that there are actually people on duty and makes it produce like normal again. Further testing shows buildings seem to have issues registering when people "clock in" don't know if this has to do with me having render colonists turned on but i will try turning that off and see if that changes anything. i'll get back to you with test results later
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Invincible said:What problem are you exactly facing?

As i understand it from what happens to me occasionally after a fire dril some buildings display that there are people working there yet don't display/register whether anyone is on duty as when i'd open the "workers" section of that building it'd tell me that there are indeed people on duty which then gets registered by the building and it continues operations as normal.

So for example last night when the issue occurred i had 5 advanced ore refineries all saying 0/6/6 so all jobs filled but nobody on duty. Yet when i checked the worker section they all of a sudden realized that there were indeed several people on duty and then continued working as normal now displaying for instance 1/6/6 to correctly display the amount of workers on duty and producing the amount of steel that said workers will normally produce.
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PC, win 10, Steam v0.83.0
settings: everything set to on and normal, except for resource poppers and low res mode are off. Sim frequency is set to perfection and render fps cap is set to no cap.

Sad to report this issue seems to still be there. It hadn't happened before using the fire drill at about 800~ish people in my current LIS colony (small city from region) and in an older UE colony (mega) it also seemed to never happen until i'd used the fire drill once don't know how many population i had there but probably over the 2000 mark. From personal experience i suspect the issue forms after redistribution of population because of the fire drill but can't confirm that. Doubt the issue is with my pc as i have a pretty hefty system but if it helps i could list off my specs.

Greetings, Fedjen

ps. Will watch the forum for a week from now to see if there's any reply. Do let me know if there's more info i could supply, would like to help if possible :)
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