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bastecklein said:In a nutshell, your new code doesn't work because the server does not know your colony is independent, because it is unable to upload its stats because of the crazy amount of money you have.

Maybe I can get it patched for the update. Which glitch allowed you to get so much $$$ ?

also how much money is too much for the servers / how can i get my money to go down faster :P
6y ago
buying really low from the space elevator and selling insanely high on the galatic market , also giving too much money as wage to the colonists ie :350 000 $ and insane pay for each field of work ie 40 000 $ to 90 000$ giving me a gdp that is too high too :147,585,177,145,837,030,000 (gdp)and i had an average colonist savings of +/- 4 000 000 ( it is my first tie playing the game on my computer and didnt even know about the money glitches until i looked in the forums
thanks for the quick answer ! best regards FĂ©lix T .
ps; good luck with the patches and stuff !
6y ago
i declared independence on the 18th of September my colony is online i had a charter code that was ''invalid''
took my colony offline and back online and this new charter code a9kaYZGc does not work too .
aditionally i have too much money ( 2.951.703.516.611.689e+21 {what ever that means })and that would break the game right ? could that be the issue at hand
6y ago


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