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For some reason, 2 of my recent cities are gone. I still have their mcx file form backup, but it isn't associated to my main mcz file. How do I restore them and connect again?

Help please.

4mo ago
totally supporting this one!!! it is so hassle to destroy everything and then rebuild it again --_--
3y ago
bastecklein said:Sounds like the server auto-banned your IP for some reason or another. I will investigate.

this happened to me as well. I can't start online game as well. What should I do?
3y ago
bastecklein said:
Derman19 said:i just created a new colony but have been playing the game for about a year but cant trade at all i am online and have gone offline and back online and it still doesn't work. What do i do?

What is your charter code, I will look it up.

same instances happen to me. my charter code became zero, and now i can't open my colony
3y ago


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