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Hello. I reported private message by mistake. Will i lose my account now?
3y ago
Ansom said:If you delete the bot/rover able to built the Small Helium 3 Extractor, you won't see the building in the buildings list.

You need: Lunar Rover or Builder Bot or LIS Rover.

Oh.. I deleted the rover by mistake. Now im able to build helium extractors again. Thanks.
3y ago
I have built many helium extractors, but then had to remove them. When i wanted to build them again (after 5 days), they were no longer on the menu with buildings.

I made my colony independent, and now im very advanced. Did helium extractors disappear because im very advanced? Im on mars.
3y ago
Hello. My population is increasing, some players told me that the population will not stop increasing, so i have to keep building new houses. But i want to have fixed population. Is there a way to depopulate them? If i wait long enough, will they start dying from old age?
3y ago
Hello. It would be good idea to add "move" button to all kinds of buildings, including the advanced ore refinery and the alien enrichment uranium buildings.

I can move some buildings, but other cannot be moved.
3y ago


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