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Can i reduce the population?

Hello. My population is increasing, some players told me that the population will not stop increasing, so i have to keep building new houses. But i want to have fixed population. Is there a way to depopulate them? If i wait long enough, will they start dying from old age?
Here are some other methods of handling your population, the way i personally do it is I set up housing away from everything in hopes that the children who cannot work will live there while adults will stay near the jobs.
If you build the hall of congress you can have new options to deport colonists (I.E Homeless, children, elderly, or random number) however it will damage your approval rating.
Yes, the elderly do end up dying from old age, and the children will end up growing up to work. The age system is based like irl where adults stop working and retire at 65 and children start working at 16. from birth you would have to wait until the child grows up, which would be 16 years. However 1 year in game is about an hour irl.
Unfortunately there is no way to completely stop colonists from being born, and the amount born will continue to grow more with more colonists.
Hope this helps!

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