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After becoming independent, there is no way to build consulates any more as you’ll move on to the larger government building. It’s okay though, becoming independent is required to get to end game and you unlock more policies that way.
Humans at this time can only obtain ether either through gifting from other players, or buying on the market.
What do you mean by solar roads not giving the power they should?
If you open settings, then go to engine settings, scroll all the way down to multiplayer notifications and make sure it’s disabled!
Hello! Lol, i’m rly, in the kindest way saying this. Highly reccomend downloading grammarly, you can get it on your phone too. Helps out a lot when trying to understand certain issues and make out certain words easier.
LOL same here @bastecklein . I think what he was trying to say is why is there no later production specific buildings, like a nano brick building, or alien brick building. Or a hospital version of both.
Bast your open to your own explanation ofc, but the way I see it is that there really is no demand for it, and by extend no purpose. The research converter unlocked during trancendence acts as a production building for almost every resource. And a better hospital and stuff isn’t really required at that point.
LIS doesn’t have access to mars world, only water world, Ice world, asteroid, and abandoned
We just released a new bandwidth building! It’s a nano server building!
Hey everyone! So recently I have had the opportunity of having some time off and with that time off I figured there was nothing better than giving some more help to the community!
An issue I found myself and other people run into is the lack of ability or skill to create your own buildings in MC1 & MC2. And there is nothing wrong with that of course, but I don’t want that to scare people off from giving their ideas and seeing it come to life.
So here is what I will be doing, for the following weeks.
If you have an idea of a new building or tech tree, please make a forum post and @ me (@Electrogamer1943) or DM me on discord ( GirlyGamerGazell#2849 ) and give me your idea, and all the details you can think of for your idea. And I will do everything in my power to make your creation come to life to the best of my ability!
And, of course, this is FREE of charge!
Anyone can do this. If you have an idea for both MC1 and MC2, please make a forum post or DM me! The rest of this community and I are always ready to help!
Hello! So MC on mobile, especially IOS, does tend to crash once your colony gets pretty big. I’ve found that turning off buildings that rapidly produce resources tends to help out a lot with crashing. I’ve also found turning off buildings while building them and then turning everything on once everything is built helps as well. Just be sure to stay in the world for a bit to average up your inflow/outflow of resources.
If you are playing as United Earth you cant get the black market research, thags LIS. exclusive. You can always buy Alien Relics, and if i remember correctly I believe Auntie Belles cupcake factory produces Alien Relics.
I personally think yes we should have a GBT. But i think it should be a sort of server based trade. So if your in a multiplayer world with other people, you can build a GBT and it would allow trade. A cool effect i feel would be a nice touch to the 3d aspect of MC2 and the live multiplayer would be to have a sort of cargo vehicle that fulfills the trade.

Hard to explain lol but in the best way i know how to get my thoughts across it would work like this
You have player 1 and player 2. Let’s say player 1 wants 500 wood, and player 2 has the 500 wood. Player one gets on the GBT and requests their 500 wood, and player 2 accepts to give them wood. Player 2's GBT would spawn a cargo vehicle that begins traveling to player 1's colony, and once it arrives, the resources would be given. This would also in the future allow more military options. But that's just my idea.

Otherwise i think just the basic MC1 GBT might be good enough, it’s pretty functional as is, but maybe a price reset every now and then?
Forgot to add, also if you guys have things to add to my list, feel free to comment them down here or make your own forum post!
Here's just a list of "Quality of Life" changes that I feel would make a great addition to the game, and make certain things a little less tedious.

Multi-Select Buildings
I myself and other people have often found it a bit tedious having to go and manually change each slider for every building we build whenever we don't want said buildings to for example have any workers.
Would it be possible to add an apply to all buildings of this type button? Or some mechanic that behaves similar?

Cancel GBT Contracts (Thanks to @WildAbbee for bringing this up)
I myself often accidentally sell certain things or make a mistake in the amount I wish to sell. It would be pretty nice if we could have the ability to take down our contracts.

Template Changes
The ability to save maps as templates and load them into other maps to remember where everything goes is an amazing feature. However I think it need a bit of changes to make it a bit more useful. I would be nice if there was and opacity slider that way all the none built buildings don't mesh together as at times it can be pretty difficult for any buildings to stand out. Another thing I would recommend, but would very likely lead to a whole copy and pasting maps idea would be an auto build template option. Where if you have sufficient resources to build everything on the template, then it would do so. (This also could end up being a tech tree where you have to research this in order to enable it)
There is also a bug with templates where after viewing it for a while, the template can become off-centered leading to the user not building things in the correct position.

Deport Children policy not working
An issue a lot of people have is children, which is understandable to a certain point like when you end up at times having more children than workers. However this is easily dealt with once you get the Hall of Congress. This is a good time to talk about the current bug that is causing the Hall of Congress's deport all children policy to not work.
@Shadowdoom286 Posted this recently and I would also like to shine some light into this idea as I too feel it would be pretty useful quick data.
"Small suggestions: when hovering over the population number in addition to showing capacity and jobs it should show children, working age, and retired populations."

Revamp of Embassies
Embassies definitely need a bit more of a reason to have them I feel. Something that we have on the NOZ discord, is a channel where you can setup trades with other players, for example lets say I want to set up a deal with someone where once a week, I received 500 ether from someone as I am unable to steadily produce ether yet I need it, and in turn I give them a resource they need.
Would it be possible to allow embassies you set up with people act as a sort of automated trade system so long as both people have the necessary resources to send and both people agree on the deal?
This would work with the same menu as gifting players, you would select a resource you would like to give, and then another menu would popup asking what you would like to receive and how much. Upon player one confirming their wants, then player two (whoever they are attempting to set up the embassy with) will get a mail inbox telling them what is being asked to be traded. From there they can either confirm or deny. And of course if they want to further speak on the matter there is always global chat.
Even if it wouldn't be this exact mechanic, I do feel some sort of things should be put in place to provide players with more of a reason to attain embassies

Comment's down below on your ideas on these ideas are greatly encouraged!
Second building release!

Bandwidth Building

This will be a UE & LIS building.

Building Description: The future is upon us! Using a mixture of Nanites and Arc Reactors to store data we have learned how to do Discrete Cosine Transformations!

Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management, Advanced Nanotechnology
Upgradeable from Large Server Building
  • Power: 500
  • Provides: 1,950 Bandwidth
  • Workers? No
  • Tax: -$30
  • Job Occupation: Scientist
  • Ore: 75,000
  • Steel: 14,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Microchips: 10,000
  • Nanites: 3,000
  • Plastic:15,000
  • Aluminum: 10,000
  • Software: 4,000
  • Robot: 600
  • Uranium: 4,000
  • Triantanium: 8,000

  • Uranium: 5,000
  • Nanites:4,000
  • Cobalt:2,000

  • Nanites: 9/min
  • Uranium: 20/min
  • Triantanium: 12/min

*Note to bast
Should be coming out with a new storage building sometime this week which should provide an increased amount of storage from the Grav Warehouses, as well as provide cobalt storage. The idea behind this building requiring cobalt is to bring more market value to the resource.
This has been anticipated for a long time and it has been sitting in my todo list for a while, however now that I am back from my (albeit long) vacation from life, I'm ready to post some of these new buildings I have been working on for UE & LIS!

First up is the Department of Paradoxical Studies! (LIS version of the Department of Fish Mating Studies.)
SVG File:

This will be an LIS only building offering 6500 jobs. A LIS version of the Fish Mating Studies building this way LIS players can also have dead end high density jobs! Building Requirements will be just a bit higher than the DFMS as it provides a bit more jobs than it.

Tax: -$20
Workers Required: Yes
Occupation: Scientist
Requires: 1100 Power
Requires: 225 Bandwidth
Resource Costs:
  • Money: $1,250,000
  • Civics: 1,250,000
  • Research: 1,250,000
  • Ore: 1,600,000
  • Steel: 600,000
  • Gold: 250,000
  • Microchips: 100,000
  • Wood: 80,000
  • Bricks:90,000
  • Pottery: 20,000
  • Paintings: 800
  • Cloth: 20,000
  • Software: 18,000
  • Robots: 15,000
The building will input the following under full workers:
  • Rum: 500minute
  • Money: 300/minute
  • Software: 100/minute
  • Ancient Instructions: 28/minute
The Building will output the following:
  • Research: 14000/minute
Tech Requirements: League of Independent States Base, Mass Data Management, Political Theatre, Ancient Alien Language

Building Description: After a long time of reading ancient instructions, scientists have made a breakthrough in their ability to study paradoxes. Lots of rum tends to be the solution.

Subject to change as I'm still greatly updating this and working on it, however I thought I would release what I have so far. Feel free to share any ideas!
why not build a custom map that way you can have the challenge be remotely the same for everyone?
I love the idea, however MC2 is currently set in a period before LIS or insectoids. And there currently is a native settlement (phara's). In the game editor you can change a slider variable on how common it is to come across said settlement.
If I am correct, RRR is an old but very effective method of determining how active a mother colony is as well as the sub colonies within that mother colony.
The lower your RRR, that means you/the colonies under you are all pretty new or are not active. A higher RRR means your regularly active.
Umm @backlestein is this correct? All of this is based off of a small conversation we had in the NOZ discord, so i’m not entirely sure it’s 100% correct.


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