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What is this thing people speak of and call a sleep schedule...?
dunno if that made sense at all😅
8mo ago
the resources don’t go immediately, you get a estimated sum of earned resources that updates every minute
so if you are gaining 12 ore/minute in one regional map then every minute you will gain 12 ore. They only update constantly if you are in that specific map.
8mo ago
hm, there is the transport rover already for the purpose of transporting rovers to different places. However it would be interesting for this to possibly be a new type of colonist transportation. This way you don’t have to build bridges and worry about them not traveling to different islands to work due to how far it is.
10mo ago
ah okay! that makes sense! thank you for clearing that up! that honestly sounds like a lot of fun!
10mo ago
So, if My Colony 2 is planning to be err virtually like a minecraft world with seeds and how other players colonies could run in with yours. How exactly would that work...? I mean, would there be anything to prevent a player from surrounding another player in an attempt to slow their progress? I’m all for the idea of a mass multiplayer mechanic however I do foresee some possible ways certain players would take advantage of to slightly grief other players.
Also, how would ore deposits and stuff work? Would there just be a select few on a server and it’s all up for grabs?
10mo ago
The reason for this is once you become independent you then are granted access to the capitols, it makes sense tbh that it’s all like that. Yes there is no way to get back under a commonwealth once independent and main reason for that if you unlock more buildings once your independent. The consulate is made purely as a pre-independent building and has far less value than the capitols. Reason being the capitols give higher trade cap, and more civics.
10mo ago
Here are some other methods of handling your population, the way i personally do it is I set up housing away from everything in hopes that the children who cannot work will live there while adults will stay near the jobs.
If you build the hall of congress you can have new options to deport colonists (I.E Homeless, children, elderly, or random number) however it will damage your approval rating.
Yes, the elderly do end up dying from old age, and the children will end up growing up to work. The age system is based like irl where adults stop working and retire at 65 and children start working at 16. from birth you would have to wait until the child grows up, which would be 16 years. However 1 year in game is about an hour irl.
Unfortunately there is no way to completely stop colonists from being born, and the amount born will continue to grow more with more colonists.
Hope this helps!
10mo ago
It’s entirely intentional.
If a building is not able to be moved it’s because it is a drop off point for a certain resource (for example rovers that mine ore drop off the ore at a materials depot)
This is so that players can’t just move the drop off point around to speed up how fast they get resources.
10mo ago
ohhhhh that makes sense
10mo ago
So, over time i’ve noticed some buildings don’t have the option to be rotated, and at times this can be problematic when your low on space and you need to make things fit.
Buildings that don’t have ability to rotate:
Food Processing Sweatshop
Galactic Board of Trade
Pottery Works
Hipster Bar
Plastic Factory
Toy Sweatshop
Space Port
Large Resort
Galactic Freight
Statue of Unbridledly Excess
Export Cannon
Space Elevator
House of Horror
Lumber Yard
High Command
Advanced Plastic Factory
Higher Command
Big Playhouse
Small Trash Pit
Hall of Congress
Real News Station
Hipster Lofts

Looking at some of the buildings I do understand that some would/might be difficult to make a side view, and that’s understandable if you can’t. However it would be nice to be able to rotate these buildings!
10mo ago
is this on a single city?
10mo ago

here’s a maybe idea....instead of having to rewrite the code entirely and risk messing something up for everyone, could you not make it another option in the engine settings that you can toggle on and off?
10mo ago
ah okay, thank you so much bast!
yea iphones been a pain lately.....i can’t name one thing i like about them right now other than just simply the layout..
10mo ago
If I am correct, and I know this is a thing when in region overview. If you go to your resource statistics, if you select a resource, in the top right a money icon will appear, if you click that it will the open up the trade menu.
10mo ago
Just an idea i had today that i thought would actually be useful and would bring something new to those who are far enough in the game where they are only limited based upon the capabilities of their rovers.

Vehicle Research and Development! Now, i’m not good with making names for the buildings and stuff, but i am somewhat good at creating an idea of what the building would do.
It would be a 2x2 building that allows you to begin researching new tech tiers, the technology researched within this building will help upgrade your rovers. Upgrades possibly including:
+1 Speed
+5 Cargo Capacity (harvesters)
x1.1 build speed
and so on and so fourth
Depending upon the size of the upgrade it will require Nanites, Robots, Microchips, Uranium, Software, and Triantanium (reason for the expensive amount of resources being well....i mean look at what your getting, do i need to explain?).
The upgrade would not happen immediately, it would need to take some time, such as 30 seconds for each upgrade, this way players can’t blast through all the upgrades.
Reason for this? Well honestly me being basically in creative mode at this point, i find it more and more of a problem that it’s the same thing over and over again, the rovers going the same speed, having the same capabilities, and so it would be nice to further be able to upgrade the rovers to do things faster.
(The premium vehicles will have double the cap of the normal ones so to still make them something worth buying)
Another thing, once again, it’s weird at times to have Turbo Drones building really fast, while you have the Normal Builder Bots that build pretty slow, so it would be nice to be able to buff them up.
10mo ago
Do you have any plans on making this downloadable on mobile?
10mo ago
(All is for Human races only)(United Earth & League of Independent States)

First things first, I apologize for there being any grammar mistakes, am doing this from my phone, and I also don’t like to be too formal because I don’t really see a point of it.

Do I need to get rid of Trash and limit the amount of Atmosphere I have?

Atmosphere and Trash have absolutely no negative effects to your colony(as of right now), in fact it’s best to get as much of these two resources as you can. Reason for that being that Trash can eventually be used to make Plastic (Small Recycler) and eventually Plastic and Aluminum as well! (Medium Recycler)Also, if you really wanna boost your the amount of Atmosphere you have, the incinerator ( 2x2 building) produces a TON of atmosphere at the expense of burning away a lot of trash. Atmosphere can be used eventually to create a lot of water which is really useful in some colonies. The Ant Paste Synthesizer consumes trash as well to make Ant Paste.
(Do note, Atmosphere and Trash may effect gameplay negatively in a future update, however as of right now it does not)
(I personally currently have 42.8 Billion atmosphere, and 12.6 Billion Trash)

Aluminum! If you have this resource in your world DO NOT use all of it! Save as much aluminum as you possibly can because one it goes away, there’s not another way of making more until you get Alien Tech or you unlock the Medium Recycling Center! Aluminum can also be pricy at times aswell, but with that being said it is also an option to purchase it from the trade market, and also the Uranium Enrichment Facility allows you to purchase some Aluminum in amounts of 100.

Uranium Enrichment Facility? This building requires Uranium and Aluminum in order to function. It takes in 1 Uranium and produces 2. Meaning every time the bar is filled you will receive 1 Uranium.

Best way to get Civics? The most efficient way of generating high amounts of civics for United Earth is the Imperial Propaganda Office, while the Investment Bank generates more, the IPO is more space, and cost (the second clue for the challenge is a building not looked highly upon for it produces a resource only useful for the government and pubs) efficient considering the IB requires 4 tiles, 5k workers, and a couple thousand resources as well as $2.5M.

Best way of generating Research? The most efficient way of generating resource is without a doubt the Center for Artificial Learning. It generates about 1100 Research a second at max worker capacity.

What is the Department of Fish Mating Studies & is it Worth it? The DFMS is and was designed to simply be a building to send extra colonists to work without damaging your production lines. It simply just generates Research in amounts of 1 extremely fast while using Money, Rum, and Software. It can hold 5,500 workers, and it is a 3x3 sized building. It isn’t worth it if you have to worry about the resources required to build it, it is simply a job filler.

What is Tourism? Tourism is a quick way of earning passive income without the need of consuming a lot of resources. While you do not get resources produced by it you do get money. The amount of Tourists you can support can be found to the right of your Population number and it has the symbol of a colonist wearing a blue shirt, a red hat, and is looking through binoculars. Tourists will come in from the Space Port, and to increase your Tourism capacity, simply build more tourist buildings.

How do I get rid of Depression in my colony? In order to cure the depression within your colony simply build more entertainment buildings.

How do i cure Fatigue? Fatigue is caused by your colonists having to take too long of a trip in order to get to and from work, entertainment, education, and medical buildings. It is best to keep all of these buildings at an absolute max of 50 tiles, and a preferred max of 25 tiles. This means the path the colonists would have to walk, not a direct route through buildings. (like pac-man)

What is Ether and where can I get it? Ether is a resource primarily obtained by the Draconian and Zolarg race, however recently League of Independent States have been granted the ability to obtain it as well. When i say obtain i mean actually produce it from a source. The source can be found on Abandoned Planet and is found by Ether River tiles that have an infinite amount of Ether. This is obtained by building the Worker/Vehicle that can get get the Ether. Ether is used for human races for only two buildings currently, those being the Advanced Cloning Facility, and the Ether Tree Farms. Both buildings are the best for what they both do. (Immigration & Wood)

Is it useful to always Group Up my rovers? In most cases yes, however do not group them up if they are harvesting resources because it will slow down the rate at which you get said resources. If the rover is strictly for building, then yes group it up. Also, group if you are experiencing high amounts of lag.

Also, it is best to place a Resource Depot next to the resource you are harvesting (at most one tile away). This way the rovers do not have to take trips back and fourth and can constantly pick up and drop off immediately.

Why is Mobile so errr poor quality in some ways?

Well when it comes to this, and it’s from my experience considering I am a mobile player only and I do not actually own a computer. (am using an Iphone 8+) You have to consider the processing power of mobile phones, I mean, think of trying to calculate hundreds of buildings, manage the population, manage new buildings being built, the trees growing over time, the GDP of your colony, and more all at once. While many say this game is poorly optimized for mobile, it honestly is really optimized. While yes it may fry your phone and murder your battery, the fact that it’s possible to run something of this size at all from something in your pocket is insane.

If your colony is lagging horribly it’s best to group up your rovers, limit the number of buildings being built as low as you can, zoom in away from the majority of your buildings, and turn your settings down. With that being said, if you play in a Region you shouldn’t worry too much about lag however if your a single city colony, if you start experiencing lag even though everything i just listed is being done, then unfortunately there’s not much you can do.

What are Starships?Starships are another Endgame resource that does not currently really have a use other than for selling it for high amounts of money, I sell about 150k at a time and make a good $10-15 billion. Also, don’t sell it as a contract in the Trade Market unless you are doing it as a way of storage, nobody ever really buys them. If you want to make money, I would sell directly.

What is the Regional Bussing Authority? This is a recently added mass transit feauture that is useful simply for Regions only, it allows you to place one of these down in a Regional City that just has Housing & Colonists only, and place one down in an adjacent (right next to) Regional city that just has Jobs, and the colonists will then come from one city to another to work. It does not allow colonists to move from one city to another and stay there, they will only work. From what i have seen, 1 bussing authority transfers 400 colonists to an adjacent city. And as far as i know it is stackable. However in my personal opinion, it is better to just build the Housing and Jobs in the same city.

Is there a way to stop babies from being born? Unfortunately there is currently no way from stopping babies from being born within your colony, however there is an policy option granted by building the Hall of Congress that allows you to deport children from your colony.

How long does it take for them to grow up? If i am correct, and note i have not confirmed this nor has anyone else confirmed this for me. But it takes 15 minutes for a month to pass by in the game. The aging system is actually based on in game time so they will grow up based upon time, so it might take a good day or so for one generation of kids to grow up and begin working.

What are Embassies and are they worth it? Embassies are basically like a friend system, they allow you to build a building that allows a quick way to gift resources and send messages together regardless of if they are talking in global chat or not. Also, if you are human for example, and you get an embassy from a zolarg/draconian race. you will then also get zolarg/draconian colonists as well. and vice versa if your another race. The cross-race system has no benefits or downfalls, it is simply just a for looks or for bragging rights type of thing.

Is the arcologies worth it? if you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it even after i describe what they are then they are not, also note, the black/normal arcology consumes less resources than the Fantasy Arcology and has 500 medical slots, 2k education slots, 500 tourist slots, and 10k housing population capacity. However the downfall is it has 7k worker capacity. With the new addition of the sliders allowing you to make it so no one will work in it, it has become more useful if you need more education/medical/entertainment, however the Fantasy Arcology houses 16k people with no jobs or anything else, however it does use resources like Toys, Rum, and Cloth.

Is there any way to passively generate Clay without the need of constantly building Clay Mines? Yes! if you build the Ultra Deep Dig site (built by drones) then you will get more alien artifacts as well as some clay over time!

Lastly, I just want people to understand this. This game is not something that will be perfect, I mean, it can, and it already basically is. But of course there will always be bugs and issues. That’s just apart of expanding a game. Not to mention that this game isn’t on some million dollar budget, it is made by one, amazing person, someone who makes hundreds of different games, all free to play! Bast is only human, so please do cut him some slack on some things okay...? Yes there are some issues with My Colony, some big, some small. But we gotta take it one step at a time and we gotta help bast, not bombard him with a million problems at once and expect him to fix it all in that moment.
Bast is the only developer I know. He is the only person I know that actually gets this involved with the community and actually reads all the forum posts and provides feedback. Like I personally could never! The amount of time, and patience that would be required to have something of this scale and keep it in tip top shape to ensure thousands of people are happy at once? Like that’s honestly insane, yet bast somehow manages to do it flawlessly. So @bastecklein, I would like to say thank you.Thank you for giving us something that brings us all together, and something that we can all enjoy. To the part of the community that has been here with us and has supported, guided, and provided helpful feedback. Thank you.

I hope this answers some questions you may have!

​If you have any other questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer!

Posted 11-30-2020 (30th of November)

Update Version: 1.10.0
10mo ago
yea! you’d start with a small little city and you’d have to send people out to get resources and once they come back you can build up your base even larger.
Like your colony wars game basically, except it’s a PvE experience with zombies!
10mo ago
er could also make it so you can toggle it on and off your preference of if you want to play online or offline as well as when you in my colony if you want to have the chance of encountering starship traders or not
10mo ago


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