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Nanite Server Building

Second building release!

Bandwidth Building

This will be a UE & LIS building.

Building Description: The future is upon us! Using a mixture of Nanites and Arc Reactors to store data we have learned how to do Discrete Cosine Transformations!

Tech Requirement: Mass Data Management, Advanced Nanotechnology
Upgradeable from Large Server Building
  • Power: 500
  • Provides: 1,950 Bandwidth
  • Workers? No
  • Tax: -$30
  • Job Occupation: Scientist
  • Ore: 75,000
  • Steel: 14,000
  • Gold: 10,000
  • Microchips: 10,000
  • Nanites: 3,000
  • Plastic:15,000
  • Aluminum: 10,000
  • Software: 4,000
  • Robot: 600
  • Uranium: 4,000
  • Triantanium: 8,000

  • Uranium: 5,000
  • Nanites:4,000
  • Cobalt:2,000

  • Nanites: 9/min
  • Uranium: 20/min
  • Triantanium: 12/min

*Note to bast
Should be coming out with a new storage building sometime this week which should provide an increased amount of storage from the Grav Warehouses, as well as provide cobalt storage. The idea behind this building requiring cobalt is to bring more market value to the resource.

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