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why not build a custom map that way you can have the challenge be remotely the same for everyone?
I love the idea, however MC2 is currently set in a period before LIS or insectoids. And there currently is a native settlement (phara's). In the game editor you can change a slider variable on how common it is to come across said settlement.
If I am correct, RRR is an old but very effective method of determining how active a mother colony is as well as the sub colonies within that mother colony.
The lower your RRR, that means you/the colonies under you are all pretty new or are not active. A higher RRR means your regularly active.
Umm @backlestein is this correct? All of this is based off of a small conversation we had in the NOZ discord, so i’m not entirely sure it’s 100% correct.
Bonjour! Je ne parle pas français, donc je m'excuse si tout cela semble bizarre. Pour la dépression, construisez des bâtiments de divertissement. pour la fatigue, maintenez la distance de déplacement inférieure à 50 tuiles, de préférence inférieure à 25. Cela signifie le nombre de tuiles dans lesquelles un colon devrait se déplacer de son domicile à son travail, etc. Pour la santé, construisez des bâtiments médicaux comme la petite station médicale. En ce qui concerne les sans instruction, cela prend du temps à se régler, assurez-vous simplement d'avoir suffisamment de créneaux d'éducation pour au moins 60% de votre population.
We are aware and are looking for potential fixes. Thank you!
I do like this idea, I think it’s very interesting. However it is very difficult to implement a “core” change into the game at this time as there are so many colonies that this addition would cripple due for example having tons of cities in a region. This also wouldn’t mesh too well with the ideas of there being atmosphere on different planets as it doesn’t make too much sense that there would be fires on the moon for example.
This is also why trash and atmosphere have no negative effects on colonists. If this was implemented mannyyyy people would almost be soft-locked as some people are in the trillions in terms of trash and atmosphere
interesting, hm so no regional stats are currently saying research is being consumed from somewhere? And it might be a little annoying to have to do, but i can always recommend staying 30 mins or so in each regional city that once consumed research.
go back to whatever city you used research to build, and stay in that city for like thirty minutes. This happened to me once, i believe it’s an issue with statistics saving that average input of research whilst you were building the city.
are you playing on region?
If so, have you created a city that requires research as an input or required research as a building resource recently?
Hi bast, sorry, i’ve been trying to help, she doesn’t have any vpns or anything, however she does play on mobile. As far as she knows it shouldn’t be anything with ISP.
We were talking in the NOZ discord about the issue DGUE was having, and i recall them talking about being located in Sector 0:0 being a bug? Could it possibly be the same situation in which her charter code is being used as someone else’s already?
This is awesome, do you have any plans on rolling this out on the Quest? I have a Quest 2 of my own and i would absolutely love to play this on it. It would be awesome if maybe in the future you would have the ability to create your colony from 3D view!
I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it, but there is an amazing city builder game called Cities Skylines, and recently they announced that they would be bringing their game to the Quest 2.
That’s some gameplay that’s featured and is to be expected at launch. Which is just an example of what I kind of envision in my head. Of course I’m not exactly experience in what it takes to make My Colony be compatible with Quest 2, so no pressure or anything to actually attempt something like this. But just sort of throwing the idea of this out there!
¡Hola! Este es un foro para My Colony, lamento sus problemas, sin embargo, a menos que el problema esté relacionado con el juego, no puedo ayudarlo. ¡Que tenga un buen día!
No, at this time you cannot, you must make a new colony.
dunno if that made sense at all😅
the resources don’t go immediately, you get a estimated sum of earned resources that updates every minute
so if you are gaining 12 ore/minute in one regional map then every minute you will gain 12 ore. They only update constantly if you are in that specific map.
hm, there is the transport rover already for the purpose of transporting rovers to different places. However it would be interesting for this to possibly be a new type of colonist transportation. This way you don’t have to build bridges and worry about them not traveling to different islands to work due to how far it is.
ah okay! that makes sense! thank you for clearing that up! that honestly sounds like a lot of fun!
So, if My Colony 2 is planning to be err virtually like a minecraft world with seeds and how other players colonies could run in with yours. How exactly would that work...? I mean, would there be anything to prevent a player from surrounding another player in an attempt to slow their progress? I’m all for the idea of a mass multiplayer mechanic however I do foresee some possible ways certain players would take advantage of to slightly grief other players.
Also, how would ore deposits and stuff work? Would there just be a select few on a server and it’s all up for grabs?
The reason for this is once you become independent you then are granted access to the capitols, it makes sense tbh that it’s all like that. Yes there is no way to get back under a commonwealth once independent and main reason for that if you unlock more buildings once your independent. The consulate is made purely as a pre-independent building and has far less value than the capitols. Reason being the capitols give higher trade cap, and more civics.


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