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New building!

This has been anticipated for a long time and it has been sitting in my todo list for a while, however now that I am back from my (albeit long) vacation from life, I'm ready to post some of these new buildings I have been working on for UE & LIS!

First up is the Department of Paradoxical Studies! (LIS version of the Department of Fish Mating Studies.)
SVG File:

This will be an LIS only building offering 6500 jobs. A LIS version of the Fish Mating Studies building this way LIS players can also have dead end high density jobs! Building Requirements will be just a bit higher than the DFMS as it provides a bit more jobs than it.

Tax: -$20
Workers Required: Yes
Occupation: Scientist
Requires: 1100 Power
Requires: 225 Bandwidth
Resource Costs:
  • Money: $1,250,000
  • Civics: 1,250,000
  • Research: 1,250,000
  • Ore: 1,600,000
  • Steel: 600,000
  • Gold: 250,000
  • Microchips: 100,000
  • Wood: 80,000
  • Bricks:90,000
  • Pottery: 20,000
  • Paintings: 800
  • Cloth: 20,000
  • Software: 18,000
  • Robots: 15,000
The building will input the following under full workers:
  • Rum: 500minute
  • Money: 300/minute
  • Software: 100/minute
  • Ancient Instructions: 28/minute
The Building will output the following:
  • Research: 14000/minute
Tech Requirements: League of Independent States Base, Mass Data Management, Political Theatre, Ancient Alien Language

Building Description: After a long time of reading ancient instructions, scientists have made a breakthrough in their ability to study paradoxes. Lots of rum tends to be the solution.

Subject to change as I'm still greatly updating this and working on it, however I thought I would release what I have so far. Feel free to share any ideas!

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Just your friendly neighborhood MC moderator!
Looks good @Electrogamer1943
I am going to be updating My Colony 1 soon, so if anybody else has building submissions for the next update, this would be a good time!
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I love this building a lot.

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