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This is absolutely ridiculous! I made those trillions on my own.

I sold everything on the market for well below market prices just to help up and coming colonies but if this is how it's going to work then I will gouge every penny from the market.

This action will collapse the market.
6y ago
I, Mr. Waffles, the governor of The Nation of Bikini Bottom, welcome you!

A place full of pineapples, Moai heads, rocks, anchors and air-filled domes; and those are just some of the houses. Come enjoy a nice Krabby Patty, have dessert at Weenie Hut Juniors. Go to Boating school. Visit the Goo Lagoon. You can even test your wits at the The Salty Spitoon.

500% Payroll Assistance.
Huge surplus of food and water.
Free resource gifts when needed.
Wisdom provided free of charge.

Charter Code: 2kfzwY5e
6y ago
Thanks for the quick response. Now, I have been monitoring the numbers and they vary and each buildings civics exchange places all the time. When each one is checked I find they're both fully staffed. Are they supposed to fluctuate this frequently?
6y ago
It seems that the Capitol(lv5) produces more civics than the Capitol(lv6).

Replicating Issue:
I rebuilt both capitol buildings and still see a lower production with level 6.



6y ago
Have been playing this great game for days without issues regarding lag times or slowdowns until today.

The game was running just fine, I saved then closed the game. When I start the game a few hours later there is a continuous lag lasting about 5-6 seconds. The numbers refresh and another lag making it completely unplayable.

Charter Code - 2kfzwY5e (Tetra, Bikini Bottom)

Let me know if further info is needed.
6y ago


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