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it's incredibly easy to loose your lander when beginning a new game. if you accidentally click away from your start location before you land and create your first colony you have to go on a search to find it. there needs to be some kind of indication on the radar map where your "un-landed" lander is located. once you join a a server you cant just unjoin and start over. you're stuck!
1mo ago
units when attempting to drive around a corner or a structure get stuck in a repeating loop of trying to turn.
you have to direct the unit away from the edge and then direct it to it's destination
2mo ago
On water worlds harvesting units are occasionally dropped from the sky at random on to isolated islands. this can happen in a game session or when logging back into the server.
2mo ago
I was on a server and was looking for a good place to set down. The server went off line and when it came back I was in the last place I'd moved with no way to relocate my lander
6mo ago


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