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no permission to view wall which means I'm blocked, very interesting
@bastecklein, this guy now has over 4 trillion GDP on the main universe. This simply should not be possible.
6d ago
It is in fact exploiting, you can blame @yesnt for that
6d ago
stacking structures !!!
6d ago
Spamlandian Television, or STV for short, is a custom MC2 news server I set up a while back. Content-wise, it's pretty similar to the default news ticker, but there are more headlines!!! It took me some time to work out all the technical details, but it's pretty much ready for release now. It'll be updated and expanded as MC2 news features evolve and I come up with new headlines. You can link STV to a world through, which you can also visit for instructions and troubleshooting info. Happy newsing!
7d ago
You nailed the color scheme, but personally I think the structures should be a bit more differentiation given that they're part of a very unique and important tech. So far, all of the alien stuff in game has an artifact motif; that along with more wires and machinery on the outside would improve the looks a lot. In My Colony, newer alien structures which have no previous derivatives also tend to be rather tall and follow simple geometric designs, and it would be awesome to see something like this in MC2. Finally, based on the existing Alien Microchip Factory, you might want to set your windows to ordinary blue, though the magenta would make for good detailing. Remember, don't just make it alien, make it ALIEN! :)
7d ago
Thank you for over 5 years and counting of great memories!
16d ago
I'd say a low-level gold production building might fit on regolith-based worlds, as gold seems to be exceedingly rare on those.
16d ago
29d ago

A massive, powerful warship fitted with vertical missile launchers for bombarding targets anywhere. Still no lifeboats, though.
1mo ago
When out of my FOV, idle artifact extractors (and construction drones for that matter) seem to continuously rise upwards off the ground, way above the camera's height limit. Using another extractor to try and regroup the others indicates that the missing extractors are still within XY range, but they're so far off the ground they're basically inaccessible at this point. When the extractors are within loading range, they seem to start descending again, but 78 of them are now missing from the excavation pit.
2mo ago
About the same, but it's flying vehicles on a red world
2mo ago
@bastecklein, what if the news system could be partially integrated into settlements themselves? You might be able to set rudimentary news messages in-game through the multimedia center, while also being able to access and choose channels from a large selection of "registered" third-party news sources for the game, similar to the mod menu in MC2.
2mo ago
@SPARKY0303 the web client/ape apps launcher gets updated immediately
2mo ago
this is going to be very funny
2mo ago
Perhaps you could unlock certain decorative structures at various trophy increments, such as a 100-trophy monument or something like that. You would only be able to build a certain amount of each trophy structure, proportional to your total trophy count divided by the structure's trophy requirement. There could also be a new section on the colony statistics screen displaying the amount of trophy structures it has by type.
3mo ago
Some notes:
Crystalbots can't seem to harvest on a redworld as they don't seem to drop off at a deployed outpost
Wood is dropping rapidly as the only source on a redworld comes from greenhouse parks, and it causes a lot of lag to construct a patch of several hundred more.
Other resources seem to be in equilibrium, and the new microchip factory is insane.
Would it be possible to implement a "sell all" or "deactivate all" button for buildings as in the original My Colony?
4mo ago
good thing I put in all those fracking operations
4mo ago
I love bricks
4mo ago


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