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Some notes:
Crystalbots can't seem to harvest on a redworld as they don't seem to drop off at a deployed outpost
Wood is dropping rapidly as the only source on a redworld comes from greenhouse parks, and it causes a lot of lag to construct a patch of several hundred more.
Other resources seem to be in equilibrium, and the new microchip factory is insane.
Would it be possible to implement a "sell all" or "deactivate all" button for buildings as in the original My Colony?
12d ago
good thing I put in all those fracking operations
12d ago
I love bricks
15d ago
@bastecklein, do you think it might be possible to implement dynamically generated models in My Colony 2 eventually, such as attaching rover models to transport unit models to simulate an airlift or animating drill bits to spin on the Sand Drill and such? This might be too much to process for buildings, but I think animation(?) of some sort would be pretty neat for certain vehicles such as harvesters and barges.
18d ago
lots of potential for this one
28d ago
ancient alien brick factory
1mo ago
Hey @bastecklein, it just occurred to me that the vehicles of MC2 weren't scaled down to the current colonist size. Do you plan on keeping the vehicles at their original scale, or will they be shrunk in a future update? I ask out of interest; sorry if it bothers you!
1mo ago
dropships !!!
1mo ago
Small Vehicle Factory
A step up from the Construction Yard, the Small Vehicle Factory can manufacture larger and more advanced rovers while pumping out tons of Spare Parts during factory downtimes.
1mo ago
He who controls the spice controls the GBT contracts
2mo ago
2mo ago

A formidable sight on the open sea, the Destroyer's VPP model was remade because the first one looked crappy.
2mo ago
As a colony grows and strip-mining routes branch out from its center, keeping track of your entire territory gets a bit difficult to manage. Though bookmarks are great for locating specific parts of a colony, they don't really provide a cohesive view of the full settlement. As such, it would be nice to have some sort of 2D low-detail map of the planet's surface, capable of zooming out from around 8x8 to, say, 64x64 chunks. To keep processing costs down, the map would simplify resource deposits and buildings into colored tiles, similar to the building type view mode in My Colony. Bookmarks would be displayed on the map along with other points of interest, and clicking on any point on the map would bring your view there.

To keep this feature balanced, each individual "map" would be limited to a central communications building, which would itself be restricted to mid-game technologies. At an early stage, colonies and their resource pools should be small enough to move about quite easily. Feedback is appreciated!
2mo ago
Finally, after all these years. Countless millions across a galaxy of colonies rejoice at its creation, for the Medium Vehicle Factory will set humanity's potential on a steadfast path towards the infinite.

Jokes aside, this is actually very neat! I can't be the only one who's wanted upgrades for all the "small" buildings.
2mo ago
@bastecklein Bit late, but might there be support for time- or RNG-based flags in the future to simulate phenomena such as weather or asteroid impacts?
2mo ago


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