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how many dislikes am I going to get on this lol

edit: messed up poll options but it still works???
25d ago
skibidi dop dop dop yes yes, skibidi dobidi deep deep
skibidi dop dop dop yes yes, skibidi double u reeh reeh
2mo ago
wait a second the old and new in the poll should be reversed oops
3mo ago

Honestly I think my first IB model is a little too rough around the edges, but what do you think?

(previous model)
3mo ago
use artifact extractors, the green drones built from a robotics factory
they drop off to warehouses or giorgio institutes
3mo ago
As you may be aware of, STV was a custom MC2 news server that I set up about a year ago. Since replit stopped hosting sites for free, I began another rewrite of STV to make it more concise and lightweight so that I could host it through another service. Most all the frontend content is still the same, but I rebranded from STV to SBS since there's no actual video feed included. Now, SBS is up and running at Please try it out and let me know what you think!
3mo ago
lessgo dracs are back
3mo ago
we may need better water generation, but this is not the way to do it
in fact, this is exactly what alien tech shouldn't have been, just a reskin of human tech
3mo ago
Update: Gave the SkyBus a basic interior and updated all derivative models accordingly. Let me know if you want to switch back to the blacked-out doorway version.
4mo ago
Yeah, in the interest of player mode I suppose you could build stations anywhere; the inter-settlement is just to emphasize that the stations should also allow your population to work/live(?) across settlements.
4mo ago
Regional Bus Station with SkyBus 4.0

No-frills platforms servicing the proprietary SkyBus aerial transport, Regional Bus Stations are all that's needed to connect settlements across the planet!

Now with 27% less fatalities!

Wait, this actually has a really low seating capacity. Either that or the scaling's off.

Empty station
Station with SkyBus
Flying SkyBus
Landed SkyBus (for landings outside of bus stations)

(P.S. @bastecklein do you think you could implement something like "garrisoning" units into buildings where the building shows an alternate model when it's holding a unit? It'd work really well for landing pads in general.)
4mo ago
SkyBus v2
SkyBus: The future of planetary travel has flown in on this hybrid passenger transport @bastecklein!
(station's coming along)

UPDATE: latest SkyBus model is bundled in the station
4mo ago
Do you think it'd be possible to import some of the forums content like voxel submissions into Discussions so we can still have references?
4mo ago
conclusion: fish are human
4mo ago

Investment Bank

After staring at like a thousand of these, I figured I could spice them up a little. Let me know what you think could make my version better!

(note: the plants are fake so you can still build these on airless worlds)
4mo ago


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