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I don't really know what to call it.... I made an alien thing, and I really don't know what to do with it. Maybe an Artifact Drill for abandoned worlds?

Well, have you ever looked at your cloning facilities, and asked: "Can we get much better?"

Well, it can, with Spice!

I call it: The Spice Cloning Facility
Now, don't you hate it when your settlement gets destroyed with nothing left? Well, here's the Military Arcology Bunker! Has everything you need to survive a war, and can build basic units to rebuild! Food is provided, it shoots, and people can live here! What's not to like???

Have you ever looked at those drones, and thought: "If a certain warmonger comes through my settlement, I would like a flying military unit"?

Well look no further! Helicopters are the solution!

excuse me, what? I ain't complaining, but what the actual heck???
TomK said:The investment bank seems like a waste of time.

The huge amount of resources it requires it barely produces 5000 money with full worker compliment.

I could have built many many other money making buildings for its cost and had a higher total.

Is there something I'm missing or is it very unbalanced?

There is something that you are missing. LIS does not have IPOs, so investment banks are their go to civics source for transcendence and beyond. However, I do agree that we do need an upgrade to it.
I have a few ideas for Water World that will make it somewhat viable as a trading colony.

One of them is the Cargo Port

Cargo Port


Tech Req: Water World Base, Large Scale Construction, Galactic Commerce

Built on water

"This Cargo Port provides access to the galactic equities market, and provides greater trade with other water worlds."

Built by: Megabot, Megabot Deluxe

Cost: 2.000 ore, 350 steel, 150 microchip, 200 aluminum, 500 gold, 250 wheel, 100 wood, 2.500 money.

Utilities: 25 Power

Can build: Sea Rover, Sea Rover Deluxe, Sea Rover Premium.

Allows access to GBT trades
Allows importing and exporting

Can import (offline): Fish, Salt Water, Ore, Regolith, Steel, Food, Water, Gold, Aluminum, Microchip, Diamond, Oil, Plastic, Antanium, Toy, Robot.

Provides Gifting Capacity: 50.000 (for other water worlds), 5.000 (for everybody else)

Special: Allows for you to gift 5x the gifting capacity of the recipient, ignoring your own gifting capacity. This becomes 10x the gifting capacity for other colonies on a multiplayer region. This only applies to water worlds.

Employs: 36

Occupation: Blue Collar

Tax Value: $30

And its Large counterpart:

Large Cargo Port


Built on water, next to shore

Tech Req: Water World Base, Tall Construction, Galactic Finance Theory

Built by: Sea Rover, Sea Rover Deluxe, Sea Rover Premium

Can Build: Cargo Ship

Cost: 200.000 ore, 150.000 steel, 100.000 gold, 50.000 microchips, 10.000 aluminum, 5.000 software, 2.500 wheel, 50.000 wood, 3.000.000 money, 5.000 civics.

Utilities: 2.000 power, 600 bandwidth

"A massive undertaking to build, this large cargo port is the ultimate in sea-based trade."

Allows access to GBT Trades

Allows importing and exporting

Provides Gifting Capacity: 50.000 (Base), 5.000.000 (water worlds)

Special: (Improved): 5x recipient's gifting capacity, regardless of world type. 50x Recipient's gifting capacity (mp regions). (New): 50% less commission fees (Becomes extremely useful end-game) (New): 25x recipient's gifting capacity, water world only. (New): Present Cargo Ship units add 5% to gifting capacity.

Workers: 360

Occupation: Blue Collar

Tax Value: $15.000

Now, this is epic! Spice time!
So, this new world called Factorio1 has risen up to 2b GDP. As the man behind Terra Divitiae, it is simply impossible to reach 2b GDP with only 6k people. So, I believe that this is yet another modded world that slipped through the cracks.

Terra Divitiae is the legit one. If you are familiar with the MC2 trade, you will know how it reached there.
I have done it... I reached 1 billion GDP on Terra Divitiae.
You know, we have an advanced microchip factory. But, when we upgrade it to alien, it goes back to its not advanced size. I cannot stand this inconsistency, so naturally I made a more consistent alien microchip factory, that is modeled off of the advanced microchip factory.

these are a work in progress
Transcendent Sugar Factory
I might make a transcendent sugar factory, because why not
So, we have alien buildings, right? And we don't want RCs, right? So, I have a solution! Transcendent upgrades to buildings! Gives a use for Transcendence tech, which currently does absolutely nothing!
plus, I could enforce trade in general, making sure that trade routes are undisturbed by a certain warmonger if he gets his hands on military ships
I like this idea! This could open up for colonization of other worlds that are not available to start on, such as Lava World. Also, this could help me with my spice trade, helping me enforce the flow of spice with some military ships.
So, I have noticed that the oil resource color blends in with the bar. I would like to be able to check production progress for buildings such as the small offshore drill or the quantum offshore drill. So, I was thinking maybe either #000000 or #696969, as both of those colors are oil like in color, but do not blend in with the bar.
Update 0.1.1: Made Sugarland wetter, hopefully fixed Continental's scarcity of fish.


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