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Release is here:

(Will make a proper post soon, gotta see about adding it to the modshop.)
I appear to be having an issue uploading Extra Worlds to the modshop. Is the file size too big?
Even more here to boot!

Cobalt Deposit (1x1)

Iridium Deposit (3x3)

Iridium Drilling Operation (2x2) {Because Diamonds showed us that harvesting isn't enough}

Cobalt Drilling Operation (2x2)

Iridium Miner (1x1)

Hello! Extra Worlds is getting close to being ready for her release! This means that the release content is close to ready, and bugs have been mostly ironed out! But as always, please do let me know of every single bug that you come across! The more I can fix, the more I can make this mod polished!

Anyways, version 0.3.2b has quite a lot of stuff, so listen up!

All the planet icons have been updated to be 3D!

Transcendence has a new building: the Transcendent Gold Synthesis Lab!

Nanotech has been added to EW, with Nano Builder Bots and Nanomines being added!
-Nano Builder Bots will be able to build everything next update, I just ran out of time for this update.

Lava world got yet even more new models, with the Obsidian Drilling Operation following the Drilling Operation archetype!
-Diablo Crystalline, Obsidian Rover, and Obsidian Deposits got a remodel.

New Worldtypes:

Plains World
-Has clay mines available to be built

-It is just like Saturn's moon, Titan! Because that moon is very unique.

Swamp World
-Has swamp natives

Uranium Synthesis Lab rum consumption nerfed

properly compiled models

Anyways, enjoy! There are many things that I forgot to mention!

I always wanted an igneous Lava World. Here are a few models for it!

Lava World:

Diablo Crystalline:

Obsidian Deposit:


Obsidian Drilling Operation:

Please @bastecklein , I really want this lol.
Hello! Did you know that Spice Dens are made out of bricks? Did you also know that the current Spice Den model has no bricks? Want to change that? Well look no further! Here is an updated Spice Den!

Reposting the Blue Brick Road here so that it can gain more attention. Basically, its a yellow brick road, but blue. Nothing more needs to be said. I have been wanting a blue road for quite some time, now I learned how to make brick stuff.

Hello! I recently figured out Sparky's brick style, and am now able to recreate it! To celebrate this, I made this Blue Brick Road! Why should we have this? It's a road, made with blue bricks. That does all the talking for why we need this. We currently need a blue road, and this blue brick road would work nicely as a more blue alternative to the yellow one!

Are you tired of expending your population for troops? Do you want inaccurate, disposable, and comedic robot soldiers? Well, may I introduce you to the Battle Droid! Modeled off of a B1 Battle Droid, this droid will replace infantry as the disposable unit!

Hello! For those in the know, I got a new chromebook! New stuff means gotta transfer old files! If you are reading this, then you have found an unfinished version of EW!
rahtdrgn said:playing on moomoon and not getting any civics generated from my 4 civic centers

Build more, then.

UPDATE V0.3.1b!

This update contains huge fixes, plus an early implementation of an upcoming building to MC2 0.41, plus a new EW building!

-Added Crystalline Trap

-Added Integrated Colony Clinic


-Temporarily removed Civics and Settlement Level requirements for buildings
-This is to make it work on the dev platform better.
-Temporarily removed Lander Power and Water consumption
-Added Diamond deposits to Mercurean World
-This is because Mercurean depends heavily on solar power to function, and solar power increase is its main drawing point.
-Diamond Miners can now be built by Construction Yards

-Fixed Solar Roads and Hardened Solar Roads not actually being roads on Mercurean.
-Fixed stuff not storing Diamonds
-Fixed Veiled Rover not autobuilding on Veiled Worlds. :/
-Fixed Tap Room not being a public bathroom
(this took an embarassing amount of research to figure this out.)

UPDATE 0.3.0b - "The Giant Leap Forward"

This is a MASSIVE update for EW, which includes but is not limited to:

ALL of @GeneralWadaling 's model updates were added to the mod!

New mod Title logo and square icon thanks to @OilChan

New Technology - Elusive Resource Synthesis!
- This tech is a temporary solution to the lack of online trade between games with the same mods!

Veiled might be a bit borked as of now, will be fixed in 0.3.1b

Updated Lava World models

Added multiple new structures!

Buffed the UDDF
- was taking way too long to generate profits, at an abhorrent 104 hours of straight play in the base game!

Spamlandian Television is the default News Server for Extra Worlds, might be subject to change.

Fixed Advanced Microchip Factories

Added World Models for all the Extra Worlds!

Added Earthlike to playable worlds.

A list of currently playable worlds!

Anyways, enjoy this update!
Overflowing. I need to know who I am buying Spice from so I don't accidentally buy from myself.
Okay, now this might actually be needed, as Spice Worlds are suffering from that change (Except for those who can flood out contracts)
Indeed, you have even been causing me problems. Maybe something to tell you who sold what contract (and maybe even everybody is 100% going to have 1 contract visible might be good too.)
Hello! You have seen a lot from me recently, but alas I have yet another world type. Lava World! I have made the planet model, and a few essential models for it!

Naturally there will be Cobalt and Obsidian, but did you know that Lava itself has uses!

Here are some pumps for it!



"Where am I gonna store all of this Lava?"
Glad you asked, its in the Lava Tank!

"...what am I supposed to do with this Lava?"
Good question, maybe Lava Moat, but for now turn it into Ore at this LavaCooler!

That's my content dump for this week @bastecklein . I will try to have content dumps like this every week!
Hello! As all savvy Spice Worlds know, there is a building called the Spice Drilling Operation, and it is essential for us! The even savvier ones would know that I am the guy who made the model! But, looking back at it, the quality is unaccaptable when we got all these shiny new models! So naturally, I got to work updating the thing.


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