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bastecklein said:Is this only on regions, or non-region games too?

This happened me in single-city mode, but i have tried new game with regions, and there is happend same thing.
5y ago
bastecklein said:Is this the version from the Windows Store, or from the Ape Apps website?

from Ape apps .. ( https://market.ape-apps.com/my-colony.html )
5y ago

today i started playing for Alpha Draconians.
Every time I use "Return to Title" in in-game menu (no matter if i save my game before), after loading game again all my resources is gone and game welcome me with amount like new game (3000 money, 0 ore, 1500 antanium, 1500 gold, 1500 aluminium, 0 crystalline - same amount when you start new game). Three attached pictures are:
1) after loading my save

2) after 1 minute of game .. resources like ore and crystalline are harvested

3) game saved > return to title > load save again > again start amount of resources

Only resources are resetted. Buildings and workers are here.

Sorry for my bad english.
Please fix it. This nation is no-playable due this bug.

edit 1: I play My Colony with Windows 64bit version. Version: 0.75.0
edit 2: This bug happens only to Alpha draconians. I also play for humans and no problem is here.
edit 3: If i sent some resources from my major colony, they are also resetted after game reload..

5y ago


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