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In my experience Fire Drill has always killed my cities. Never once have my cities benefited from it.
6y ago
I really like this idea. Have you tried posting your idea in the Game Idea's, Suggestions, and Feedback sub-forum? https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=27

I would find it extremely useful to have an in game tech tree. The keyboard mapping shows T as the default key for a tech tree but I have never been able to get it to work.
6y ago
Windows 8.1
My Colony 0.44.0 Desktop

I am still receiving scrolling ads with premium telling me to try a game called Deimos RPG. Hopefully this is a bug and not intentional. If the ads are intentional (You cannot accidentally code this.) then this makes premium appear to be a scam.

Can we get the rest of the ads removed from the game please?

6y ago
@colbya I have noticed the same thing. This new way makes us click an extra time anytime we want to perform an action. The game is already clicky enough. I much prefer the single click approach. Maybe we can get an option to toggle depending on our preference.
6y ago
Windows 8.1 64 bit
My Colony 0.44.0 desktop

Nexus 6P Android 7.1.2
My Colony 0.44.0

Clean install and new colonies on both platforms.

Vehicles are still declining orders. When I instruct them to build anything at all they will move to the location and immediately, most if not all vehicles, will return to their parked location.

Clicking on them and then re-clicking the building they will sometimes return their parked location. It takes two or three attempts to get them to start building.

Never once have I witnessed every single vehicle build on the first attempt.
6y ago
I have had the same experience with Fire Drill's as SlappySquirrel. Anytime I use a Fire Drill the colonists will wander aimlessly. They will occupy buildings and take random jobs. Even jobs with outrageous commutes. Also all the food and water will deplete thus having to start a new colony. Fire Drill feels broken at the moment.
6y ago
From my experience; Every time I have destroyed a housing unit the colonists will instantly occupy any empty housing. If there is none then they will of course become homeless.
6y ago
When attempting to manually move a colonist from one tile to another it will not respond. 100% failure rate.

Steps to reproduce this are: Click on colonist > click move or press M > click the tile to move to > nothing happens.

My colony 0.44.0 Desktop
Windows 8.1
6y ago
Same problem here on windows 8.1 desktop, MC 0.44. Can't change jobs for a single colonist. I click colonist > Click change job > click the building and the only option left is the cancel button at the bottom left corner of the game window.
6y ago
Helios worked. Thank you for your time.
6y ago
I installed Astro and clicked on the .amk file but it did not list My Colony as an option to open the file. There was also a small popup that stated "no application found for this file type". I then reinstalled My Colony and still had no option through Astro to use My Colony to open the file. I am using a Nexus 6P with Android 7.1.2 & My Colony 0.44.0.
6y ago
I purchased that ape app .amk file for My Colony and the website stated it would work for all platforms. When I click "remove advertising" on my PC it asked for the location of the file and it worked. When i do it on my phone it wants more money and does not give me an option to search for the file.

I've also tried opening the file directly on my phone but it cannot be opened, it is grayed out. I looked for an option in the game main menu but could not find a way to search for or open the file.

I've done a bit of searching and cannot find a solution. How do I get this to work on my android phone?
6y ago


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