-------------------------------------------------- { [ a quick guide. hope its helpful ] } --------------------------------------------------

wheat cost $3 sells $1. fast-growing, cheap. outcome 33.33% of cost (1/3)

corn costs $7 sells $2. worth more than wheat. outcome 28.57% of cost

hops cost $6 sells $4. grows slower than wheat and corn. outcome 66.66% of cost (2/3)

carrots cost $8 sells $3. outcome 37.5% of cost

pumpkin cost $10 sells $ 16. work best, tho they cost more, theyr worth lots. 60% more than cost. (160% of cost)

apple tree cost $25 sells $8. plant an orchard, pick apples. the sapling has to grow first before the apple grows, then you can pick 'em for an outcome 32% of cost. they take a llooong time to grow...

the scarecrow can reach about 6 - 9 units in each direction; after range of the scarecrow, your crops have risk of crow invasions.


chickens can live in a one square environment. (with grass) cost $30 sell $40 (33% more.) they have eggs that are $3, they hatch into chicks. if the chickens live in a one square environment, they can overpopulate, don't let them out or they will glitch your game to deth. (it happened to me once and i couldn't even start a new game)

pigs eat pig food(refills $5). don't give them grass, they poop on it. pigs reproduce quick. cost $150 sell $350 (133% more.)

sheep require 4 units of grass /sheep, and cannot have more than a 2 unit distance to water, their lambs are cute, visitors like them. cost $175 sell $400 (128% more.)

cows need grassland and water. they cost $200, and when mature they are worth $500. they reproduce slow. the outcome is 150% more than cost.