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Closing the Ape Apps Podcasts Website

#1 2018-07-14 15:10:44


A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a fun project to create my own online podcast hosting website from scratch, and so was born. The site actually worked pretty good, and I used it to host the official My Colony Podcast, which at its height was netting several thousand listeners per episode.

Since then, most of my web development efforts have focused on improving the main Ape Apps website, which is running a custom content management application that I am writing myself from scratch. At this point, I now have the full functionality of the original Ape Apps Podcasts website built in to the main Ape Apps website, rendering the old podcasts site unnecessary. I have transferred all of the old My Colony Podcast to this server, and in the coming weeks I will be shutting down the old Ape Apps Podcasts server for good.

So, for those who subscribed to the old My Colony Podcast at the old URL, the new location for the My Colony Podcast is here:

I don't know if I will add new episodes or not, it really depends on what people want.

So with the new Podcasting capabilities, the Ape Apps website software continues to grow and improve. The ultimate goal is to build the capabilities up to the point where I can convert my RP Forums website over to this software package, and it is getting closer by the month!
Owner of Ape Apps
#2 2018-08-09 07:15:13
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