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My Colony on Fire TV

I have been playing My Colony on Fire TV and have some questions/issues:

1. I started an off-line game because I didn't have an account. I have since created an account and paid for premium. I can't find any way to change from an off-line to an on-line game with the Fire TV interface. I have read forum posts about how to do it, but those options don't appear to exist on Fire TV.

2. Some of menus that come up when you click on objects (grass, road, etc.) don't seem to be navigable on Fire TV. Once grass or a road is placed you can't get rid of it (destroy, sell, etc.). Is there something that I am missing there?

3. Because of the issues I decided to move my gave from the Fire TV to my computer. But, I can't figure out how to do that either. When you save off the mcz file you can't choose where to place the file. Getting anything off of the internal memory is difficult even if I knew where the file was, so having the option to save to the SD card would be great.

1: In the main statistics menu there should be an option at the bottom to allow you to switch between offline and online mode. (In offline mode it should replace local with online) but be careful as this resets all your resources.

2. In the top right corner of the screen there is some icons. If you click (or equivalent) on the bulldozer and then on a building or path you will delete it (This doesn't give you any resources, unlike selling). You can also click (or equivalent) on the building and click the statistics menu (paths automatically open this menu when clicked) there is an option to delete the building or delete all buildings of the same type.

3. There might be some way to change the save location in the options, I'm not sure. Saves are located in My Documents/My Colony, you can also back up the saves ingame and choose where they go. I would recommend using backups instead of copying the save files because the game might think you're cheating. You can back up saves by (in the main menu) clicking 'More Options', 'Game Data' and then you can delete, restore, and backup your saves.
1. This just doesn't exist on the Fire TV. Good to know that it will reset my resources.

2. When I click on a building or a path some options come up and they usually include a bulldozer or sell option. But, in some cases (grass or any type of road are examples that I can think of) it brings up a different menu that looks like it is meant to be navigated by a mouse. The menu can't be navigated by the game controller.

3. I can turn backup saves on and off, but that is it. It doesn't tell me where it is saving them to and definitely doesn't let me choose a path. I don't see options to delete, restore, or backup specific saves.

It seems like the Fire TV interface is different and may not have all of the bugs worked out.
My Colony

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