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Thoughts for the future, mission maps

Hi all, first post here although i have been playing for a while. I'm now on atleast my 50th restart for trying new idea's and concepts.I know with the game still being pre v1.0 large scale changes are likely not up for consideration yet but i thought i'd post a few possible ideas for the future.

1; mission based maps. For example, You are hired as a manager for a charities new food production complex. Your aim is to build infrastructure to produce food at a million units a minute with storage for 500million units allowing the charity to feed the galaxies hungry. Or to become a starship constrction base for a war effort with a goal to produce 1000 starships a minute. I'm sure the community here could come up with thousands of other mission ideas.

2, Extreme Sadistic Mode. multiply all building costs by 1000, all research costs by 10000 and forbid G.B.T trades. Im sure again the community could add a few other issues to contend with. Mandatory ice map?

3, A new researchable area allowing the use of a million starships to invade the opposing empires to gain thier tech. For example the League of independant nations would have an option to invade the Zolarg and capture blueprints for one of thier basic builder units, the zolarg equivilent of the rover, buildable through your small viechle factory. This gives you access to all thier tech and researchable options.

4, Researchable teleporters, These would allow, at significant expense, colonists to simply teleport from home to work/recreation ect to avoid fatigue. This could be balanced out with athletic/sporting buildings being added for excersise.

5, Uses for starships, As a use for starships how about allowing the colonisation of the local solar system? Ie, add a new, seperate section to the map for building a solar array around the systems sun thus allowing access to massive amonts of resourceless power. A map representing an orbital station housing a massive cloning array and a stargate allowing the almost instant full colonisation of new maps on a region.
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