H3110 Bast!

Here I’ll continue the last part of my suggestions about a civilization development game - The ideas part.

Of cause, in My Colony Style!

  • Colony Development
    Colony development is very important, of cause one city would definitely contribute to the entire civilization as a whole. Depends on the terrains occupied and bordered areas along with special resources, each city may be specialized for various purposes.
    Stats for a Colony:

    Food are essential for increasing population for working in your territory.
    Productivity that defines your speed of building colony facilities and troops.
    Economy that indicates cash production per turn for the city.
    Happiness that is in-related to loyality of your colonists of the city and efficiency.
    Bandwidth that are essential for some facilities to function and boosted productions. Neccessary in Internet Era and after.
    Civics which allows the expansion of colony territory.
    Water Conditions will limit the maxinum population you have in a colony.
    Population are used for working outside the colony, in your colony territory.
  • Terrains
    Terrains affects special resource spawn and pattern of city development, as well combats.

    Tundra Plains are frozen lands where widespread with blue moss and ice, and rarely some ranch-able alien creatures.
    Food +1.
    Moss Plains are lands blanketed with mosses and few shrub plants. Diverse set of special resources.
    Food +1, Productivity +1.
    Lush Plains usually has very fertile lands that will provide agricultral advantage.
    Food +2.
    Barren Plains are literally, deserts, where soils are barren and where the black gold (petroleum) flows underground.
    Fungal Forests are where fungus are overgrown. Most fungus here are usually edible, and also gives some military advantage.
    Food +1. Troops defense +15%.
    Forests doesn’t have much food sources, however they gives productivity and military advantage.
    Productivity +1. Troops defense +15%.
    Wastelands are one of fhe worst place you may see. Avoid expand into here, unless there’s something you want.
    Food -1. Troop attack power/defense -25%.
    Inferno aren’t a good place to begin, but it is known for giving industrial advantages.
    Food -1, Productivity +3.
    Jungles, one of the wild-est places and one of the places suitable for early development.
    Food +2, Productivity +1. Troop defense +15%
    Hills are the elevated part of the terrain, it can give some decent defensive advantage (excepe the scrap hills that also worths 25% troops debuff). Also rich in minerals.
    Varients: Lush Hills, Moss Hills, Barren Hills, Tundra Hills, Inferno Hills, Scrap Hills
    Usually provides +1 Productivity on top of its related terrain type.
    The Mountains aren’t useful at all and it’s an un-removable obstacle...
    Rivers flows through the lands, usually from a mountain, to a water body.
    Land tiles with a river recieves Food +1 buff.
    Clean water source.
    Lake are single water bodies inland.
    Clean water source.
    Coast is a water body that borders the continent or island.
    Untreated water source.
    Sea are deep water regions.
    Polluted River does not provide drinkable water (before having water treatment plants), and fungal forests grows on them.
    Untreated water source.

(more ideas are coming!)