Dear Back,

Thanks a bunch for making builders stackable, the function is great. They have been absolute drunk since then (go in some drive up and down loop before they decide on an action) but that is to be expected when 500 droids try to make a decision together.

Secondly, as many suggested, an easier buildoze tool would be great (e.g. being able to enlarge the area or link a line like with building roads).

Lastly, please consider being able to annex land in regions. I love the regions for reducing lagg, especially for end game cities, but the towns are to small to be able to play well. For example, I need to build a massive amount of immigration buildings to get 200k pop for a tiny city, before I destroy the immigration again, build new buildings, kick out the the excess people, etc and that times 50.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,