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Hello @bastecklein !

I'm having an idea to have a civilization game in a My Colony fashion.

The perspectives will no longer be on one planet anymore, we're putting it into the galaxy.

It's kind of like My Starships game, except what you control is a superpower in the galaxy instead of a ship.
Players will play as one of the four major civilizations - United Earth, League of Independent States, Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians.
Like civilization games, we develop cities (planets), conduct researches, advance to the new era, explore the galaxy, and conquer new systems.

Except... You can only settle new cities on new planets.
And only three structures you can build in the open space: Extraction Outpost (on resource fields like gas reservoirs and asteroid fields), Spacestation (for defensive, sentry and fleet supply use) and Starbase (advanced Spacestation).

Resources are also featured in the game... AS USUAL!
City yields:
  • Food 🌽 - for local population growth.
  • Production ⚙️ - Industrial productions which are needed in all kinds of constructions locally.
  • Credits 💰 - For maintaining some districts and all military of your empire. If you wanna shorten the construction time to one turn, this is also where you'll use them.
  • Civics 🏛️ - Expands political territory in the space, as well as accumulated for implementing empire-wide policies.
  • Research ⚗️ - What else a document of knowledge can do except creating innovations for your empire?
  • Stability 🚩 - You'll always want your planets to be stable and riot-less.
  • Energy ⚡ - Some advanced districts needs energy to keep running.

The next thing to introduce is the combat system.
Combats has two types. One being starship battle, another one being ground battle (on planet).
The former one would be (supposed) the most common battles you may encounter. The later one only occurs when you bring troopers to invade the planet.
To take over a planet, the fleet battle must be won first. If the fleet battle is won, troopers will deal with ground forces - that's the ground battle. If defender planet loses both battles, the planet will change hands. Of course, some districts are destroyed and some resisting population will die in the takeover.
If you only bring starships to intrude a planet, after winning the fleet battle, the planet will only get blockaded (trade route blocked), and the starships can only bombard the planet when told to. Bombardment kills population, and also have chance to kill ground forces and destroy districts on the planet.
Some defensive structures helps repel invasions. For example, global shield reduces bombardment efficiency, ground defense networks boosts defending troopers' ability, minefields and GSW (Ground-to-Space-Weapons) damages enemy bombarding ships as well as weakening incoming ground attacks.

Now let's talk about another gameplay concept - Empire-wide policies.
Policies costs accumulated civics to implement. They'll provide buffs, instead of unlocking items.
Such as, Free Thoughts policy provides extra 0.5 Research yields per 1M population, and Militias policy boosts ground defense by 10% per 5M population.

My ideas will end here, and hopefully this can bring you some help expanding Ape Apps game collections, or just simply helps!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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