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UNITED EARTH SIMULATOR - A politics simulator in My Colony universe

Hello guys.

It is something that popped out from my mind, a politics game theming United Earth in My Colony universe, and you'll be the president of this great union?

This might sound like an interesting spin off for My Colony.

Here, I will introduce some features in my mind about the politics game.

  • Form the Dawn to the Sunset, Make Your Own History
    You'll be the president of United Earth from the moment it is officially established - the year 2051.
    The new world order is in hands of you. Will you turn United Earth into a thriving galactic superpower? Or will you bury the union into the twilights? You decide!
  • Rule in Your Own Style, Sir!
    How to rule your union will be your choice. Dictation or democratic, plutocratic or commune, militaristic or pacifist, economy or knowledge, religious or rational... Find which style fits you most!
  • To the Infinity and Beyond - The Space Era!
    Expand your union across the galaxy, colonize planets, attract city states to be members, meet other civilizations like Zolarg Empire and Alpha Draconians, amazing discoveries... The space has infinite possibilities!
  • The Civil War - United Earth VS LIS
    As in original My Colony story, LIS will rise to rebel against the union. Will you annihilate the resistance, or coexist with them, or be overthrown by them?
  • Make Sure Your People are Proud of their Union!
    There are quite a lot aspects you'll have to manage in order to satisfy different stakeholders.
    Economic growth is vital for everybody.
    Cultural development to bring nourishment to life and strengthen national bonds.
    Technological research to elevate your union to new eras and (possibly) easier governance.
    Security management to minimize radical opposition and protect your homeland from other superpowers. Through armies, fortifications, or even... security cameras everywhere?
    Internal political influence must be maintained in order to keep your president seat safe. There are always political conspiracies!
    Corruption is your enemy that they must be uprooted through reforms.
    Listen to people's demand, achieve the promises and earn trust from your people - you'll need a legion of patriots for smooth implementation of policies. Or you can wipe out some radical oppositions brutally.
    Keep a good relationship between other city states or civilizations. Do neither let your people feel humiliated, nor let the entire Galaxy hates you!
  • Endings?
    There are various ways to win.
    Transcendence - Reach the final technological era.
    All in Unity - Having >50 (?) member states.
    Great Conquistador - Colonize over 40% systems in the galaxy.

So...... Though it is a bit messy, but hopefully this will provide an interesting game idea.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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