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My Empire - Space Era and Future Era stuff?

Hello guys.

A batch of ideas, with a batch of models.

Space Era units
Future Battleship, fortresses of the high seas
Space Marines, reporting for duty!
Star fighter craft, suitable for both space and atmospheric flight

Future era units
Boy's dream. Big mechs.
Airship of war, operation is not restricted by airport availability.

Research lab for advanced research needs.
Spaceport! Provides productivity and trade.
The urban farm can provide a city a good sum of food production, at a reasonable cost.

Academy of Domination will let all units trained from this city at heroic rank.
Ultimate cultural wonder. A massive device that integrates all minds.
The Arcology provides ultimate population support, in terms of food.
The first one who owns a fusion reactor will have unmatched industrial power!
Up into the skies, for interstellar trade of limitless cash.
This laser anti-missile system can destroy all nuclear missiles at safe distance, making all cities with your SDI defense totally immune to nuclear strikes.
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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