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Diplomatic suggestions! - My Empire

Hello Bast!

I have some suggestions to improve the diplomatic gameplay of My Empire.

  • Gift Gold
    An alternative ‘paying tribute’ but it is used for improving relations, spontaneously.
  • Peace Treaty - more limiting on aggression
    Yes, peace treaty do help cooling down some bloody madness, but players can always break the treaty. To prevent players exploiting this advantage, here adds a restricted - once a peace treaty is signed neither sides are able to declare war on each other for 10 turns.
  • Alliance
    If relations with another empire is good enough, both sides can sign an alliance pact that lasts for 30 turns. Once the alliance has been signed, allies can enter terriroties of each other freely.
    AI may also ask for alliance with player.
    Declaring war on your own allies will cause every empire denouncing you, plus all your existing allies will cease alliance with you.
    At diplomacy panel, you can check an empire who they are allied with.
  • Pressuring
    If your allies are under invasion of another empire, you can pressure the aggressor to force them signing a peace treaty... If your words are backed with a strong military.
    Nuclear Gandhi: Our words are backed with... Nuclear weapons!
    AI can also pressure their players stop aggressing their allies. If rejected, they are more likely declaring war on you in the upcoming few turns.
  • Resource Trade
    If the game plans to implement resources, then this will be a good opportunity for improving diplomatic relations or buy some strategic resources.

Hopefully these suggestions can make the diplomatic gameplay of My Empire better!
You can help by EXPANDING IT.

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