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Native File System Access Comes to PWA's!

With the recent release of Chrome 86, websites and Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) have just unlocked a killer new feature that brings them even closer to par with native desktop applications - native file system access!

Using the new File System Access API, web apps and PWAs can now access actual real files and folders directly on a users computer (with permission, of course), instead of simply living in the sandboxed browser environment. This is great for a lot of reasons, but particularly for games like My Colony which can have large game files, the new access allows users to get past the current browser internal storage limits.

The code for this has already been available in several Ape Web Apps, and if you are using Chrome 86 you can see it in action today. Typepad and Voxel Paint have both supported this feature for a while now, which has been available in the Chrome dev channels for some time. When run under the latest Chrome (and I assume Edge once Edge 86 hits), both now have full access to open and save files to your desktop or mobile file system (if you allow permission), allowing them to operate just like they do using the Ape Apps Launcher or other native desktop applications!

Anyway, I love developing for the web platform, since it frees everybody from the limitations imposed by the various app stores, so it's always nice to see new capabilities arrive on the browser. I constantly keep my eye on the latest browser features, and implement many of them into Ape Web Apps, so feel free to check out all of the Ape Web Apps applications. The best part of it is, every single one is fully installable onto any device as a full featured PWA.

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